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How to Grow An Ecommerce Brand

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This presentation is from Performance Marketing Summit 2017 (March 14, 2017 in Austin, TX). Session description: Learn how Maruxa created a small and mighty fan base to launch and practically sell out in just 3 weeks. You will see her strategy to growing this brand, and the principles on how you can do this too.

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How to Grow An Ecommerce Brand

  1. 1. Case Study: How Perky Perky Coffee Company Used An Audience To Build and Launch The Ecommerce Brand Maruxa Murphy
  2. 2. Created A Video To Launch FB Page and Share What I Was About To Do:
  3. 3. Created A Video To Launch FB Page and Share What I Was About To Do:
  4. 4. Started Sharing The Journey on FB. What Happened? 1. In the 1st month, we got 221 Likes to the FB page WITHOUT paid traffic
  5. 5. Started Sharing The Journey on FB. What Happened? 2. Numerous friends and family reached out to share excitement and offer help/services to get this off the ground. 3. Supporters connected me to others who they thought may be great connections as I got started 4. I was able to gather over 50 women to taste test about 15 potential products to help me launch our best products first.
  6. 6. Started Sharing The Journey on FB. What Happened? 5. I had hundreds of people voting on our logo design (We used 99designs.com to manage the contests and designers) 6. Dozens of votes on our first roast’s name! (Winner: Happy Happy) Feel free to watch videos on Facebook.com/PerkyPerkyCoffee
  7. 7. Started to Build Out Email List: As of January 10, 2017: On Email List: 101 On Facebook: 360 On Instagram: n/a - currently 211
  8. 8. We Launched!
  9. 9. We Launched!
  10. 10. We Launched!  #PerkyPerky  #MyPerkyFace  Reviews and Testimonials – dozens and dozens!  Photos and Videos
  11. 11. We Launched!  Over 150 Sales in first 2 days  450 sales in 3 weeks of January  Partnered with coworking spaces, associations, networking groups and grew our local presence with an ecommerce product…  By end of February, over 800 bags roasted and sold  Launching 2nd and 3rd roasts  Email List is now over 600  Facebook Page is now over 613 likes  We have an Interest page with over 18K likes  FB Group we’re growing