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Psychology and Conversion Best Practices

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This presentation is from Performance Marketing Summit 2017 (March 14, 2017 in Austin, TX). Session description: Affiliate marketing is not exempt from psychological cues. This session explores psychology from publishers to advertisers and why it does and doesn’t work.

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Psychology and Conversion Best Practices

  1. 1. Psychology and Conversion - Best Practices BRANDON MYERS – ACEABLE
  2. 2. Agenda 1) Engagement: Two Schools of Thought 2) Communicating with Different Thinkers 3) Success and Failure 4) What it Means to You
  3. 3. School 1: Auto Pilot Reflex system based in impulse responses. We operate with very little effort as we make decisions based on what feels good and what gives us a rush of dopamine. Little to no sense of control over choices. We cannot justify why we made the decision with anything other than good feeling or validation.
  4. 4. School 2: Cognitive Reflection Intuition based system based on thinking and analysis. We operate with monumental efforts as we view the decision at hand to be critical to a process flow. Total control over choices, if not hesitancy to make them due to gravity. We know all of the angles on the given decision and often times work towards an outcome we view as favorable.
  5. 5. Three Levels of Rewards 1) Social Rewards – We need to be cool. 2) Resources – We need to complete a job. 3) Achievement – We want to feel as if we have accomplished something.
  6. 6. Where We Fit In As Affiliates -Affiliates have a unique position in the buying cycle as they possess the ability to influence the sale in a way that is not directly from the advertiser or in the advertiser’s words. -Publisher sites often speak in their own words and as a result can influence these two moods in ways an advertiser simply cannot. ◦ Choice ◦ Rankings ◦ Discounts ◦ Added Value on an already existing customer. ◦ Colors ◦ Many more – psychology is constant.
  7. 7. Where Vendors Succeed
  8. 8. Another Great Example