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Ken love presentation

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Ken love presentation

  1. 1. YOUTUBE DEMO► DeafTechNews’s hands-on at DeafExpo
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION► Ken Love ►5th-year Computer Engineering Technology student► Vision: A Bluetooth notification device for the deaf and hard-of-hearing people ►Flashes and vibrates when someone calls a deaf/HH person’s smartphone► Owners: NTID Center on Access Technology and ZVRS
  3. 3. GENERAL & DETAILED DESCRIPTION► A keychain-sized device with a MSP430 microcontroller with WT12 Bluetooth 2.1 module► Powered by a lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 130 mAh► Equipped with a super-bright LED and small vibrating motor► Uses Serial Port Profile to communicate with ZVRS’s interpreting relay service application on smartphones.► Options for both, flashing, vibrating only
  4. 4. PLANS FOR NEW GENERATION► Expand Bluetooth support to iOS devices ►Hands-Free Profile ►iAP► Ability to download the firmware to MSP430 via USB► Add a switch for system power controlling► Add a RGB-LED for system notifications
  5. 5. RETROSPECTIVE► Original product: Notification device connects with Android and Apple smartphones via Bluetooth and flashes/vibrates to get the user’s attention when ringing► Final product should be same as the original, but with new and improved features ►Downloading via USB ►Switch for turning the device on/off► Following the project management methodologies (currently in performing and testing)
  6. 6. RETROSPECTIVE (CONT’D)► Biggest roadblock: Apple ►Bluetooth profile for connecting the device with iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc) ►Authentication chip/co-processor► Really like working on the project ►Researching and testing for new components ►Building the device and seeing it working
  7. 7. RETROSPECTIVE (CONT’D)► Learned much during working on the project ►How Bluetooth and WT12 module work ►C programming language ►Populating and soldering the SMT/SMD components► Advice for future ESDIII students ►Research and ask tech support or forums (TI’s E2E forums, Bluegiga’s tech support, etc) ►Get the breakout devices if there are several (Easier for experimenting and testing)