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E mail marketing trends statistics report

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E-mail marketing trends and statistics in India - A report by Juvon

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E mail marketing trends statistics report

  1. 1. Email Marketing, Simplified.India’s First Quarterly Email Trends Report
  2. 2. Email Trends in India Oct 2010 – Dec 2010Executive SummaryEmail Marketing is an important part of onlinemarketing mix. Search engine marketing, digitaldisplay advertisements and social media are thedigital media channels of choice for manymarketers. We are also seeing that EmailMarketing is generating a lot of interest from SMEsand big enterprises alike.Email marketing is popular because it is viewed asa low cost, high impact, one-to-onecommunication. However the performance of everyemail campaign can vary based on the design of theemail, the time of delivery, the frequency of emailsand the quality of the email list.We hope that this Email Trends Report will serveas a handy guide with which marketers canevaluate their Email Marketing initiatives a littlebetter.We intend to publish this report every quarter. Thisreport is the first in the series and gives theaverage bounce rates, open rates and click throughrates for the last quarter.The report is analysis of: 15 million emails sent last quarter (Oct 2010 to Dec 2010) via “juvlon” platform By companies in the Retail, Finance and Education sectors The emails are all in the Business-to-Consumer category The emails were sent by large as well as small and medium sector companies Definitions How was this report made?  Bounce Rate = Total Bounced / Total List We selected companies that have been sending emails consistently. These companies have sent  Sent Emails = Total List – Total Bounced about 2 to 3 email campaigns in a month to their  Total Open Rate = Total Opens / Sent readers. We used the data for each campaign and  Unique Open Rate = Unique Opens / Sent consolidated it for each month. We then averaged  Click to Open Rate = Total Clicks / Unique Opens the data for the industry for each month.
  3. 3. Email Trends in India Oct 2010 – Dec 2010Retail Industry Statistics( C o m p a n i e s wi t h O n l in e & O ff l i n e S t o re s) Key Points  Bounce rates are not very high for the retail industry however ideally we recommend that the bounce rate should be lower than 5%  On average the Total Open Rate was 12.93% of the emails sent  The total number of clicks was 15.12% of the number of emails opened How was this report made? No of Emails: About 10 million Companies: Large online retailers Period: Oct 2010 to Dec 2010 Products: Apparel, jewellery & books Content: Offers, promotions, regular & update and loyalty points’ information
  4. 4. Email Trends in India Oct 2010 – Dec 2010Financial Industry Statistics( P ri v a t e B an k s a n d I n s u re rs ) Key Points  Average Bounce Rates were 5.27%  Total opens were 11.92% of the emails sent which is not very different from the Retail Industry  The total number of clicks was 7.43% of the emails opened which about half of the Retail Industry How was this report made?No of Emails: About 3.5 millionCompanies: Insurance and mutual fund retailersPeriod: Oct 2010 to Dec 2010Products: Mutual funds & InsuranceContent: Offers, promotions, regular & updates
  5. 5. Email Trends In India Oct 2010 – Dec 2010Education Industry Statistics( U n i v e rs i t ie s an d C o l l e ge s ) Key Points  We saw bounce rates on the higher side in the Education Industry  Total opens were 14.15% of the emails sent which was higher than the Retail and Finance Industry  The total number of clicks was 14.74% of the emails opened, slightly lower than that of the Retail Industry How was this report made? No of Emails: About 1.5 million Companies: Universities and colleges Period: Oct 2010 to Dec 2010 Products: Education Courses Content: Course admissions and updates
  6. 6. Email Trends in India Oct 2010 – Dec 2010Conclusion What Next? How c a n w e h e l p?When you compare this report to data released for North Americafor the same quarter, it’s pretty obvious that there is tremendous Email Marketing Statistics are the beginning ofscope to improve Indian benchmarks. It also shows the Indian building successful email campaigns. Get in touchmarket for email marketing is nascent and needs to imbibe the with us to help you:maturity of its western counterparts.  Improve your open rates  Improve your click-through rates  Build better designed emailsWhile the Indian average open-rates are a respectable 14-15%, the  Monitor if your emails are reaching inboxesclick-to-open rates at 5% need a great deal of attention. The  Segment your list and enhance contentmajor reason for this low click-to-open rate is the quality of emailcampaigns being conducted. Many email marketers (senders) inIndia are still using the medium for distributing posters without Get in touch with us at: sales@juvlon.comintending to gauge response.Several spam filters, including those on the corporate side,consider these poster (image only) emails as spam andautomatically place them in the junk folder or drop themaltogether. These reasons coupled with the fact that images areby-default turned off in the average inbox, has contributed to thelow click-to-open rates. If designed and executed properly, emailcampaigns can easily deliver average click-to-open rates of 15- What is juvlon?20%. Who are we?The Email Trends in India, a first-of-its-kind report, released by “We help big enterprises as well as SMEs in India sendjuvlon has covered retail, finance and education industries as astart. There will be more industries and types of emails added to permission based, targeted communication using Emailsubsequent reports. and SMS. We help you build relationships with your customers.”This report shows that the finance industry has delivered lower "juvlon" is the Industry leading Email Marketing platform,(nearly half) click-to-open rates compared to that of retail and designed and developed by the team at Niche Softwareeducation, although, the average open rate for finance is Solutions Private Ltd based out of Pune, India.comparable to the others. Remember, this is only the first quarterof our analysis. The next couple of quarters will determine Niche Software was established in 2001. We have beenwhether consumers are truly finding finance-related content less sending email campaigns since 2005.interesting compared to other industries. Is there a need to createbetter innovative content in the finance industry so that there is abetter connect with the target audience?Stay tuned until the beginning of the next quarter. niche Niche Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Corporate Office) Disclaimer: These statistics are averages and do not represent any single First floor, Swastik House, 39/D Gultekdi, J.N. Marg company. No personal data was evaluated during the making of this report. The Pune 411 037. Maharashtra INDIA statistics are observed data and should be interpreted as a guideline only. Email Tel: +91-20.4141.7000 statistics vary based on various factors like email design, email list and content Email: sales@juvlon.com relevancy hence the results can vary significantly. Niche Software is not liable for www.juvlon.com any dispute arising out of the use of this data.