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Measurement is Sexy - Wikibrands

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Sean Moffitt's presentation at the Canadian Marketing Association Social Media Conference June 2012, with help from friends

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Measurement is Sexy - Wikibrands

  1. 1. Measurement is Sexy (and could be even sexier)CMA Social Media ConferenceTorontoJune 12th, 2012 Wikibrands - Reinventing Your Organization in a Customer-Driven Marketplace www.wiki-brands.com
  2. 2. #wikibrands #CMAsocial @seanmoffitt @wikibrands@cdnmarketing
  3. 3. The Old Spice Guy ofBusiness + Digital + Marketing + Social
  4. 4. Alternate Presentation Title
  5. 5. What “words” come to mind when you think of measurement?soul-destroying number-crunching management inconclusive integrated evil boring necessaryuseless expected lieing nerdy critical helpful vital inaccurate tough elusive worth it wrong geeky
  6. 6. New Media Needs To Grow Up The Evolution of Engagement/Social1998-2001 2002-2004 2005-2006 2007-2008 2009-2011 2012- ??? What is it? Should we How do How do we do it? we test it? make it core?
  7. 7. “Geek is Chic”
  8. 8. “I keep saying that the sexy job in the next10 years will be statisticians. And I’m notkidding.” Hal Varian, Chief Economist, Google
  9. 9. Source: MasterInIt.org
  10. 10. The Geekiness of TV – Top Shows….GeekFactor/Intellect 1982 1992 2002 2012
  11. 11. December 1996 December 2011
  12. 12. What We Love On TED Talks
  13. 13. Of Metrics Of Data Of Infographics
  14. 14. Some Big Ideas on Sexing up SocialMedia Measurement?
  15. 15. Devon SmithDirector of Social Media, Threespot
  16. 16. Get a Nice Room… Libby Snead Senior Marketing Manager, Simply Measured
  17. 17. When youre dating, you are constantlylooking to know exactly what he or shethinks of you ... do they like you ... do theyfind you attractive ... will they say "yes" ...When you get right down to it, though,what youre doing is measuring. Havingverification that what youve done hasresulted in a known (and hopefully positive) Jason Fallsoutcome is what measurement is all about. Top rated Social Media Blogger, Author,So measuring your activity and finding out Consultantthose answers is a huge turn-on ... just trynot to get your measurement successconfused with your dating ones.
  18. 18. "Measuring allows one to become an invisible tailor -carefully constructing intimate experiences." Robin Richards Principal and Creative Director , Ripetungi
  19. 19. ”Know who thinks that you’re sexy back." Jeff Esposito PR & Social Media Manager , Vistaprint
  20. 20. ”Seeing it, is believing it." Stew Langille CEO and Co-Founder, Visual.ly
  21. 21. " I get an orgasm over big data. Make love todata directly and find the unknown unknowns." Avinash Kaushik Digital Marketing Evangelist, Google
  22. 22. Why is Social MediaMeasurement Sexy?
  23. 23. What Makes People Sexy?
  24. 24. Sexy Attributes?- Intimacy- Going Places- Important- Fit- Good Listening- Attractive
  25. 25. Sexy Attributes?- Many Talents/Connections- Responsive to Needs- Tell a Good Story
  26. 26. #1 Intimacy –The more you use it, the sexier you know it is
  27. 27. #2 Going Places –Sexiest growth segment in a terrifying world Source: IBM
  28. 28. $326M$689MTBD$300M$400M
  29. 29. #3 Important –Sexiest internal social priorities for companies Source: Altimeter 2011
  30. 30. #4 Fitness –Not many of us practice it well
  31. 31. #4 Fitness – Not many of us do all of it To To Analyze To To Project ToAccess It and Extract It and Socialize and Measure It Value Build andMonitor and Foresight Communi It Insight -cate It From It
  32. 32. #5 Good Listening Skills are Sexy Biggest Sins of Social Media Practitioners Source: Agent Wildfire 2011 Buzz Report
  33. 33. #6 Attractive/Good LooksDashboards and Infographics Source: Radian6 dashboard
  34. 34. #6 Attractive/Good Looks Infographics and DashboardsGoogle Search Returns “Infographics”: Jan’01 – 0.5 million June’12 – 14.2 million
  35. 35. #7 Many Talents and ConnectionsBroad Health Signs and Connected Data Marketing/brand engagement Web health Social media Business/Sales health Email Employee/internal health Internal Mobile Customer service/response health Face to Face Research and Innovation Phone Health Community Customer Experience Health Retail
  36. 36. #8 Responsive to NeedsLess than ½ of Us Track and Follow IUp Source: Satmetrix 2012
  37. 37. Engage with Customer Queries andInformation….quickly
  38. 38. #9 Storytelling- Merchandise and Generate Narrative from Your Measured Successeshttp://stories.twitter.com/ http://stories.facebook.com/
  39. 39. #9 Storytelling- Stumble Upon, Charity Water and Toyota
  40. 40. What’s In the Way of Social Media Measurement Sexiness?
  41. 41. The biggest obstacles that continue to existin implementing social media/WOM in your company/clients?1. Inability to measure 40%2. Lack of budgets 31%3. No accepted standards/benchmarks 29%4. Fear of loss of control 29%5. Inability for culture to accept 25%6. Technical skills/expertise not in place 23%7. Do not understand diff. bet. Mass marketing 21% Source: Agent Wildfire Buzz Report 2011
  42. 42. Biggest Hurdles to Measurement Sexiness– The Uncontrollables-Sentiment and Language Limits-New social behaviours/new networks/newmedia-Data quality and datasets-Vendor specific approaches and Industrystandards
  43. 43. Source: Insites Consulting 2012
  44. 44. There is no silver bullet to measurement
  45. 45. Measurement - You Need to Roll Your Own Social Media Benefits – Risks Value = ---------------------- (vs. objective) Cost
  46. 46. Really?“What’s the ROI of putting on yourpants every morning?” Scott Monty, Ford Head of Social Media
  47. 47. Organic factors: Core product/service + Customer Experience Content and Engagement factors: Interestingness + Socialness + Intimacy + Authenticity + Reputation + IncentivesAmplification and connection factors:Presence + Value adds(UGC+insights+support) + Advocacy
  48. 48. Proportion and Expectations? Source: Booz Allen
  49. 49. How to Make SocialMedia Measurement Sexier?
  50. 50. “Baseball thinking is medieval, they areasking all the wrong questions…Using stats to reread them, well find the valueof players that nobody else can see. Becauseeveryone else in baseball under values them.Like an island of misfit toys.”
  51. 51. The communication, collaboration and socialmedia underrated list: ➷ Content – variety/engagement/impact difference ➷ Community – active members/contributions ➷ Insight and Foresight – business changes from social influence and impacts ➷ Influence – two-level influence/differential impact
  52. 52. Measuring Your Home, Neutral and Away Game Home: Neutral: Away: Website Brand Pages Social Networks Blog Personal Profiles Sharing Sites Community RSS Feed Other Blogs Forums Facebook Connect Influencers
  53. 53. The Future
  54. 54. Agent Wildfire/Wikibrand’s 3rd Annual Buzz Report Survey“We will be able to track the presence and value ofconversations much more accurately over the next decade” 88% agree/strongly agreehttps://www.surveymonkey.com/s/buzzreport2012
  55. 55. The socialization of everything… and that’s OK but frustrating
  56. 56. 13.8% of onlinepopulation… …create 80% of the online influence posts6.2% of onlinepopulation… …create 80% of the online influence impressions
  57. 57. Four sources of Influencer power x x x = R E C S Reach Exposure Credibility Suasion
  58. 58. Now we can provide the raw evidence
  59. 59. Sexy Measurement Brands
  60. 60. Molson uses LIAM• Leveraging what we see in conversations• Initiating discussion and dialogue• Acquiring people for our community• Managing our communities
  61. 61. Area of Benefit - Microsoft Feedback - Emerging top issues - Product issues identified Advocacy - Word of mouth/evangelism/Sharing - Important stakeholders - VIPs Support - Break-fix issues - Recognize people who provide answers Nestor Portillo, Microsoft – Worldwide Director, Community and Offline Support
  62. 62. What to Change
  63. 63. Ten Things If I Was Running Your Social Media Measurement Gig#1 Build a central and localized real-timedashboard#2 Measure the value of social insights,customer support and innovation#3 Hire a sexy infographics designer
  64. 64. Ten Things If I Was Running Your Social Media Measurement Gig#4 Update CEO every month –#5 Test ½ year experiments#6 Train and expand staff measurement use
  65. 65. Ten Things If I Would Be Running Your Social Media Gig#7 Time Management – Steps– spend 1/4 of time on monitoring/1/4 of time onreporting/1/4 of time on insight and 1/4 time on foresight#8 Time Management – Source– spend 1/3 of time on your owned metrics/your sharedmetrics/your earned metrics (home, neutral and awaygame)#9 Don’t benchmark to competition#10 Tell Stories and Celebrate Milestones
  66. 66. Moneyball Knows …Reframing the Game“Your goal shouldnt beto buy players. Your goalshould be to buy wins. Inorder buy wins, you needto buy runs.”
  67. 67. Q&A Contact me:Twitter: sean@wiki-brands.com@wikibrands @seanmoffitt