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Capital Banking Solutions

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Capital Banking Solutions is a leading provider of end-to end, integrated banking software for businesses across Europe, Africa, Middle East and the Americas. The company offers a suite of integrated and modular products for retail, corporate, private, central and specialized banks as well as financial institutions and family offices.

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Capital Banking Solutions

  1. 1. www.capital-banking.com WHO WE ARE Capital Banking Solutions is a leading provider of end-to end, integrated banking software for businesses across Europe, Africa, Middle East and the Americas. The company offers a suite of integrated and modular products for retail, corporate, private, central and specialized banks as well as financial institutions and family offices. Offering flexible delivery models, from on-premise installations to managed hosting to banking in the cloud, our flagship product, CapitalBanker®, provides a core banking platform for retail, corporate, private, investment and islamic banks. The company also provides a full portfolio of extensible software modules that integrate with CapitalBanker® or any third party core system, to bolster key function such as business intelligence, risk management, compliance, customer relationship management, bank office automation, retail and commercial lending solution, multi-channel support including internet, mobile and kiosk banking to act as an omni-channel experience for Bank’s customers.. Ranked amongst the top vendors by IBS Intelligence and global banking player by Forrester Group, Capital Banking Solutions has attained double digit growth helping over 250 customers worldwide, including Bank Audi, Bank of Africa, Banco Sabadell, Credit Suisse, Rothschild, Iraqi Middle East Investment Bank, North Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank and Aruba Bank to manage all of their front office and back office IT needs, expand to new markets and meet local compliance and regulations. Capital Banking Solutions combines its rich history of banking expertise with innovative, proven software systems and a comprehensive portfolio of professional services, to deliver full service solutions that meet the highest quality standards. From consultancy to development, customization, migration, integration, training and support, we work with you to create regional, tailor-made solutions that support the current and long-term needs of your business. COMPANY OVERVIEW
  2. 2. www.capital-banking.com OUR SOLUTIONS Capital Banking Solutions offers a full suite of integrated software solutions designed to address the needs of commercial banks as well as financial institutions. • CapitalBanker for Core Banking across Retail & Corporate, Private Banking & Wealth Management, Islamic Banking, and Capital Markets • Capital Private for Front Office support of the Private Banker or Family Office • Capital CRM for Customer Lifecycle Management • Capital BI for Business Intelligence • Capital Compliance for Compliance with AML, Blacklist, KYC, FATCA... • Capital Portfolio for Portfolio Management • Capital Net for Multi-Channel Support - internet, phone, mobile, ATM, kiosk... • Capital Office for Bank Office Automation & Check Clearance • Capital Exchange to interface with industry standards • Capital Advisor for management of distribution networks. • Capital Lending for loan origination , processing and fulfillment. COMPANY OVERVIEW D igital Branch Kiosk
  3. 3. www.capital-banking.com WHY CAPITAL BANKING SOLUTIONS? Built for Bankers by Bankers Capital Banking Solutions leverages bankers and over 20 years of banking expertise to drive our product development. Our knowledgebase and exclusive focus on banking enables us to uniquely tailor our solutions to your complex banking processes. Single Solution across the Enterprise At Capital Banking Solutions we deliver a fully integrated, end-to-end system that can be utilized across the entire bank—eliminating data redundancy and easing the meeting of compliance requirements. You gain a single solution across your bank, across your branches and across countries. Empowering Speed to Market With CapitalBanker expansion becomes easy. Our innovative design enables it to be quickly rolled out to new banks and branches within only 6 months. The single product can support all locations and adapt to new countries without modifying the code. Platform for Growth Products by Capital Banking Solutions encapsulate a rich history of banking IT knowledge within a modern, SOA-based infrastructure. The open, standards-based architecture is adaptable and extensible, enabling you to integrate best-of-breed products into the architecture and empowering you with a solution that will grow with your business and IT needs. Banking in the Cloud At Capital Banking Solutions we believe in flexibility and efficiency for our customers. Cloud-based solutions enable that with the ability to gain on-demand services from anywhere in the world. You gain a powerful banking solution with a cost-effective licensing model and no infrastructure burden. Full Service IT We empower the smaller to medium sized banks with full service IT. We enable banks in emerging markets to grow. Our high-value, dedicated IT assistance is there to support your banking functions, customize to your needs, roll out our solution to new banks and branches and migrate from one system to another. Global Presence. Local Expertise. Capital Banking Solutions is present across four continents empowering your expansion plans. Capital Banking Solutions also specializes in your local needs with knowledge of local markets and regulations across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas. COMPANY OVERVIEW
  4. 4. © Capital Banking Solutions New York • Miami • Paris • Monaco • Geneva • Dubai • Beirut • Abidjan www.capital-banking.com • info@capital-banking.com OUR OFFICES United States 500 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2110 New York, NY 10110 • USA T: +212 307 1115 • F: +212 333 4028 10627 North Kendall Drive, Suite 8-E Miami, FL 33176 • USA T: +305 595 0572 France 21-25 Rue Balzac • Immeuble Etoile St Honoré 75406 Paris Cedex 08 • France T: +33 1 44 43 44 66 • F: +33 1 44 43 44 69 Monaco 2 Boulevard Rainier III 98000 Monaco T: +377 99 99 69 99 • F: +377 99 99 69 98 Switzerland Rue François-Perréard, 20 Geneva • Switzerland T: +41 22 349 07 25 Lebanon Said Freiha Street • Dar Assayad (1) Building Mount Lebanon • Lebanon T: +961 5 428 300 • F: +961 5 428 301 United Arab Emirates Office 31, Level 15 The Gate - DIFC Street Dubai • UAE T: +971 4 401 9210 • F: +971 4 401 9578 Africa Capital B. Solutions 01Plateau Immeuble St Augustin Ivory Coast • BP 7403 Abidjan T: +225 20242473 • C: +225 58593585 COMPANY OVERVIEW