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Spine Care During Pregnancy: Tips

Spine Care During Pregnancy: Tips

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Spine Care During Pregnancy: Tips

  1. 1. Tips on Spine Care During Pregnancy By Elmer Cagape
  2. 2. During pregnancy, women have to be extra careful because changes in their body can be the cause of pain and discomfort in the next several months. Back pain, among other things, is quite common since women can no longer do all the things they used to when they weren't carrying a growing fetus. There are a number of lifestyle changes you have to temporarily make to stay healthy and protect your spine during your pregnancy.
  3. 3. • Stop wearing high heels. Flat shoes and sandals are recommended. • Do not overreach, crane your neck too far or twist your spine. Get a swivel chair to make it easier to move. • Avoid lifting heavy loads like groceries and small children. When lifting bags and other things, bend at the knees and keep the center of balance at the waist.
  4. 4. •When waking up in the morning, bend the knees then turn to one side as you push up using the arm on the same side. Do not immediately sit up from a supine position. • Increase mobility. Make it a habit to do light cardiovascular exercises like walking or swimming everyday. Stretching your legs and back can also relieve stress in the muscles. • Avoid staying in the same position for too long when sleeping or sitting. Take a break regularly when working at a desk.
  5. 5. Put a pillow under your lower back when lying supine or a pillow between the knees when sleeping on one side. • Gentle massage and deep breathing exercises will also maintain a healthy and strong spine.
  6. 6. Keep your back straight and chest out. Pull your shoulders back and feel the growing weight from your stomach move towards the center of your body. This will keep you from falling forward and maintain a healthy spine. • Do not slouch or lean forward. Keep your back against the backrest while seated. • The knees should be slightly bent at a natural and comfortable angle. • Even while sleeping, change sides every now and then. Use the right size and shape when it comes to pillows.
  7. 7. • Make use of supportive straps, bands and devices. Maternity pants and back supports are ideal for women who have scoliosis or who are at risk of having other back-related problems. • Wear comfortable clothes and the supportive shoes.