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Digital Lending

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Aguai Solutions Perspective on New Age Digital Lending. Leverage the power of Digital Infrastructures to offer a Convenient of Lending to the right consumers through right Digital 30 degree of Credit Risk scores

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Digital Lending

  2. 2. ABOUT US Aguai helps BFSI enterprises power their DIGITAL BUSINESSES by building NEW AGE DIGITAL PRODUCTS and PLATFORMS DIGITAL LENDING Crafted for new age banks and NBFC’s that aim to provide a seamless digital experience for lending customers, and increase customer conversation with reduced operational costs.
  3. 3. Digital Lending for the new age Loan origination Credit assessment Loan management Collections Credit Risk Assessment based on multiple data source points P2P lending
  4. 4. Key Tenets of Digital Lending Social Financial Behavioral Traditional
  5. 5. Our Approach Loan origination • Omni channel Customer Acquisition – Web and mobile • Authenticate and Validate via Aadhaar, e-Kyc and e-Sign Credit assessment • Credit Risk Assessment based on multiple data source points • Mobile, Social and Bank Data • Design and Develop Custom Oxigen Specific Credit Scoring Algorithms Loan management • Loan Scheme Management • Disbursal • Repayment Schedules • Loan Ladders • NBFC and UPI Integrations Collections • Collect Requests • Defaulter Tracking and Alerts P2P lending • Micro P2P lending
  6. 6. Machine Learning & AI Defined data sources Data segmentation & analysis Machine Learning algorithms identifying specific data patterns Assisted learning and training data models AI and outcome inferences Application of AI Inferences into Risk Assessment, Evaluation and Credit Scoring
  7. 7. Aguai Way - Delivery Model We work on the SCRUM model of Software Development Sprint backlog & grooming based on prioritization Sprint Planning with Requirements broken down to User Stories and prioritized with the Product Manager 2 week sprints with review and demos at the end of each sprint Daily Standup Meeting with Jira Updates
  8. 8. Case Study - 1 A Tier-2 Bank in Mumbai, India Problem Statement • Digital Lending Solution for Millennials Solution Strategy • GTM – Bank and Partner Ecosystem Approach • Build mobile SDK and partner with ecosystem for the SK to be integrated • Read all Mobile Phone Data – SMS, Call Logs, Merchant Txns, Contacts, Apps Installed etc Admin & Partner Portals • Custom Credit Scoring Algorithm • View all customer data across multiple partners • For Partner to access their customer data
  9. 9. Case Study - 2 US MNC Launching Digital Lending in India Problem Statement • Digital Micro Lending for aspiring middle class Solution Strategy • GTM – Initial pilot launch on Android • Mobile App for Users • Admin Portal for Loan & User Management • Aadhaar, e-KYC, e-Sign and UPI Integration • Credit Scoring algorithms
  10. 10. Awards & Feature Hot 100 Startups of India Healthcare IT Startup of 2015 Feature Story South Region - Winner National Level – Semi Finalist Shortlisted Startup for 3 day Mentoring Program Emerging Startup to Watch! Democratizing Healthcare Innovation and R&D Company of 2015
  11. 11. Our Services Software Technology Services Virtual CTO • Technology Roadmap • Solution Evaluation • Build Vs Buy • Vendor Management • Implementation UI/UX • Wireframe • Mockups • UX Design for Mobile/Web • HTML/CSS • Photoshop/ Illustrator Agile Consulting • Training • Consulting • Coaching Product Development • Requirements Management • Development • Validation • Implementation • Sustenance Chat Bots Enterprise Mobility Custom Application Management Mobile Apps Testing • Functional • Automation • Performance • Security
  12. 12. Partners Technology Partners Innovation Partnerships
  13. 13. Clients Copyright Aguai Solutions 13
  14. 14. FinTech Clients
  15. 15. Aguai’s Journey Over 100+ years of Industry Experience in the team 15+ team of high quality niche software development team Key partnerships with AWS, Microsoft, Thought Factory, CapGemini Profitable and Growing Reliable and Fast paced
  16. 16. Thank You contactus@aguaisolutions.com | +91 9800244406 | Bangalore, India www.aguaisolutions.com