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Tech Based Strategies to Engage and Differentiate

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Tech Based Strategies to Engage and Differentiate

  1. 1. to Engage Learners and Differentiate Instruction Andrew Halter Instructional Technology Coach Hampton Twp School District
  2. 2. www.cffresources.wikispaces.com Click on the Differentiation with Tech link on the left
  3. 3. 1. I am the tech leery monk 2. I am the tech savvy monk 3. I am somewhere in between
  4. 4. We are "moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age." Schools must prepare students for a different workplace--one that values innovation, imagination, creativity, communication, and emotional intelligence. ~ Daniel Pink, A Whole New Mind 2005
  5. 5. Today’s students demand… "Engage me or enrage me." ~Mark Prensky Educational software designer/author
  6. 6. i.e. the “digital natives” are restless (or resting)!
  7. 7.  Formative Assessment  Dynamic Classroom Resources with Wikis and Blogs  Digital Storytelling Tools  Many other web 2.0 tools along the way
  8. 8. Bag O’ Tricks
  9. 9.  Content--by giving teachers and students instant, anywhere anytime access to present and consume information in practically infinite, ever expanding forms.  Process--by providing tools to vary instructional practice , engage learners, and provide opportunities for collaboration and authentic audience.  Product --by providing tools to CREATE dynamic, authentic products t0 show understanding and explore relevance.
  10. 10.  Click on the TASK #1 link and share a successful experience you have had with students and technology. “I have used ____________ to ________________.”
  11. 11. Click on the Tech Check Survey link on the wiki and check all boxes that apply.
  12. 12. Response devices
  13. 13. Survey and quiz creation tools ex 2 ex 2
  14. 14. Chatrooms and Discussion Boards
  15. 15. Class Website Online Learning Centers
  16. 16. Classroom Resource Center Discussion Platform Individual Web Portfolio Flexible Grouping Webquests Project Based Learning
  17. 17.  http://rakersmath.wikispaces.com/  http://foleybio.wikispaces.com/  http://rossienglish.wikispaces.com/  http://mrsboltonenglish.wikispaces.com/
  18. 18.  http://explorersreadingclass.wikispaces.com/  http://isearchenglish10-6.wikispaces.com/  http://ruggerienglish09-10.wikispaces.com  http://thomsonenglish.wikispaces.com/  http://emmettenglish.wikispaces.com/  http://aesstudyskills.wikispaces.com/
  19. 19.  http://wsp1.wikispaces.com/  http://evolutionintheclassroom09.wikispaces.com/  http://mrceccarelli.wikispaces.com/
  20. 20.  http://hmsvalentine.wikispaces.com/  http://grammarstuff.wikispaces.com/  http://hmslagnese.wikispaces.com/  http://mrceccarelli.wikispaces.com/Modern+Materials +Application+Assignment  http://shakesbook.wikispaces.com/  http://msdrenaissance.wikispaces.com/
  21. 21.  http://webler.wikispaces.com/Heart+of+Darkness  http://millersmathclass8.wikispaces.com/
  22. 22. Independent Reading Reflections Reader Response Journal Relevance and Connections Creative Voice Blogs KWL logs
  23. 23.  http://bonaparte01.edublogs.org/  http://mrsthomsonenglish11.edublogs.org/  http://emmett1.edublogs.org/
  24. 24.  Animoto  http://ruggerienglish09-10.wikispaces.com/ANIMOTO_4  http://mrsdolan.wikispaces.com/Brandon+C  Photo Story  http://kennelly2.wikispaces.com/  http://mrsdietz.wikispaces.com/  Duck Project  Movie Maker  http://rakersmath.wikispaces.com/Vodcast  http://www.teachertube.com/videoList.php?pg=uservideoli st&user_id=512370
  25. 25.  http://ruggerienglish09- 10.wikispaces.com/Period+4+Podcast+Page  http://thomsonenglish.wikispaces.com/  Cultural Geography Example
  26. 26. Powerpoint Create a Powerpoint that includes text and images to illustrate the key points of your research Poster Create a poster with text and images to illustrate the key points of your research Brochure Create a tour brochure that uses text and images to highlight the key points of your research Video Create an original video about your research using MovieMaker or other editing software. Photostory Create a narrated slideshow of images about your research using Photostory. Animoto Create commercial that uses music, text and images about your research with Animoto. Website Design a website that promotes your research using Wikispaces or other web design tool. Podcast Create a radio style report/commercial that highlights details about your research using Audacity. Digital Poster Use Glogster to create a web- based poster that integrates graphics, text, and other multimedia to showcase your
  27. 27. CONTENT-Audio and video support , presentation tools, class web resources, web based games, simulations and interactives, etc. PROCESS –Formative assessment tools, flexible grouping and collaboration, discussion boards, webquests, etc. PRODUCT – alternative assessments, project based learning, authentic audience, collaborative projects, presentation tools, etc.
  28. 28.  Jing—record screencasts of lessons (also can be done on SMART or Promethean board)  http://www.teachertube.com/videoList.php?pg=uservideolist&user_id= 51807  Gliffy/Webspiration--create collaborative concept maps and graphic organizers  Example  Inspiration/kidspiration--Multimedia graphic organizer software  Example 1 Example 2  Delicious and Diigo-Social bookmarking tools that allow you to tag, organize and share web resources. Browse my resources at: http://delicious.com/AHalter
  29. 29.  Wix--create flash-based websites  Scriblink—Online, collaborative whiteboards  Read the Words –will instantly read back any text that can be copied and pasted.  Jog the Web-Create an annotated tour of websites  http://www.jogtheweb.com/run/z1O1GPxm4bCR/Web-2.0- Tools-for-Kids  Quizlet –create flashcards and online quizzes
  30. 30.  Toon Doo—Create comics and graphic novels  Timeglider/Dipity/Xtimeline—create a web hosted multimedia timeline.  Glogster—Create digital posters  Geogebra—Create and manipulate geometric objects  Google Sketch Up—Create 3-D Drawings and objects  Google Earth-Take students on a virtual field trip anywhere in the world or have them create their own.  Open Culture—one of the most comprehensive educational media sites on the web.
  31. 31.  We covered:  Formative Assessment  Dynamic Classroom Resources with Wikis and Blogs  Digital Storytelling Tools  Many other web 2.0 tools along the way My Goal… to inspire you, not overwhelm you!
  32. 32.  Find one tool and run with it  YOU don’t have to be the expert  Share student work  Monitor and adjust  Share the wealth with colleagues
  33. 33.  Design a lesson that integrates one of the tools mentioned in today’s workshop.  Begin a class resource wiki or a project wiki--start simple and expand throughout the year  Plan a lesson that offers a technology based assessment option (Animoto, Photostory, Glogster, Toon Doo, Wix, Wiki design, etc.)