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Knowledge based systems homework

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you can find the lectures here:
1 - https://www.slideshare.net/ahmadhussein45/expert-system-with-python-1
2 - https://www.slideshare.net/ahmadhussein45/expert-system-with-python-2

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Knowledge based systems homework

  1. 1.     Damascus University  Faculty of Information Technology Engineering  Artificial Intelligence Department  Knowledge Based Systems  ​Knowledge-Based Systems Homework  02​th​ May 2018    The assignment is to write a medical diagnostic expert system that is  capable of diagnosing one of the following medical situations:   HIV:  ● sore throat  ● headache  ● fever  ● rash  Pregnancy:  ● fatigue  ● vomiting  ● lightheadedness  ● increased waistline  Flu:  ● headache  ● fever  ● tiredness  ● nasal discharge    Your system should function correctly even if the user inputs a synonym of  one of the symptoms. Here is a list of the synonyms that your system should  recognize:   
  2. 2.     ● fever​:​ elevated temperature, hyperthermia, pyrexia.  ● headache​:​ pain head, migraine.  ● sore throat​:​ pain throat, throat sore.  ● fatigue​:​ exhaustion, lethargy, tiredness, weariness.  ● vomiting​:​ emesis, stomach upset, upset stomach, nausea.  ● passed out​:​ fainting, lightheadedness, syncope, vasovagal.    A typical example​:  The input  Khaled has:  ● migraine  ● pyrexia  ● fatigue  ● nasal discharge The output  ● Khaled ​has/is​ ​flu.    After you are done with implementing the above expert system, try the  following:  The input  Khaled has:  ● headache  ● vomiting  ● lightheadedness  ● increased waistline 
  3. 3.     Your system will respond by saying: "​Khaled​ has/is pregnant." Even if ​Khaled  has all these symptoms, obviously he cannot be pregnant. What do you  need to add to your expert system to avoid this problem?       Eng. Ahmad Hussein  ahmadhussein.ah7@gmail.com