dr ahmed m. adawy diagnosis oral surgery etiology update facial trauma update classifications mandibular fractures facial bone fractures classification treatment anatomy odontogenic infections osteomyelitis of the jaws life-threatening complications antibiotic therapy of odontogenic infections management of odontogenic infections pathophysiology of odontogenic infections oral microbiology and immunology ahmed adawy traumatology management of trauma lower-face fracture facial trauma midface fracture facial accidents management of fractures dr. ahmed adawy maxillary fracture maxillofacial facial injury assessment nasoethmoidal fractures nasal bone fractures contusion abrasion laceration avulsion traumatic facial soft tissue injuries neurological status control of hemorrhage maintain patent airway first aids management emergency care of facial trauma reconstruction implants timing of treatment patient’s assessment fixation methods surgical approaches zygomatic complex fractures treatment-related complications treatment modalities treatment approaches etiology and classification of facial bone fractur surgical management diagnostic aids clinical presentation disorders salivary glands pregnancy management diabetes oral&maxillofacial lesions differential diagnosis mandibular prognathism correction orhtognathic surgery deformaties dentofacial mandible defects reconstruction cysts of the oral region temporomandibular joint arthrocentesis fractures mandibular angle fractures mandibular radiolucencies treatment modality subtyes ameloblastoma condylar fracture closed vs opened reduction impacted teeth drill biopsy incisional biopsy oral biopsy types of biopsy definite diagnosis frozen sections biopsy excisional biopsy fine needle aspiration biopsy timing of biopsy histopathological examination radiographic examination caldwell-luck operation odontogenic causes oroantral fistula sinus lift maxillary sinusitis clinical feature spreading of infection bacteriology temporomandibular joint ankylosis temporomandibular joint disease and treatment temporomandibular joint dislocation
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