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Pc doctor for windows


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Pc doctor for windows

  1. 1. PC-Doctor for Windows
  2. 2. PC-Doctor for Windows delivers lower support costs by reducing the frequency of No Trouble Found (NTF) product returns and speeding resolution of customer-reported problems.
  3. 3. Leading manufacturers have installed over 100 million copies of PC-Doctor for Windows on computer systems worldwide.
  4. 4. PC-Doctor for Windows deflects service calls by giving end users the tools they need to diagnose hardware problems. When service calls occur,
  5. 5. PC-Doctor for Windows provides support technicians with powerful hardware diagnostics and system information tools to speed call resolution and increase first-call resolution rates.
  6. 6. Features and Benefits
  7. 7. More than 200 diagnostic tests cover all major PC subsystems including CPU, memory, system board, storage, audio, graphics, networking, and peripherals I/O.
  8. 8. Direct System Information collects data from multiple sources to provide an accurate and thorough system view.
  9. 9. Customizable test scripts support specific system configurations and customer requirements.
  10. 10. Can be used to solve problems remotely.
  11. 11. Easy-to-use graphical interface can be customized to simplify the user experience and advance the PC manufacturers brand.
  12. 12. Common technology base with PC-Doctor Factory and PC-Doctor Service Center products for improved failure and trend analysis.
  13. 13. Value-added services available from PC-Doctor include OEM customer support and training, diagnostic library updates, application and development consulting.
  14. 14. Compatible with current versions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows PE.
  15. 15. Reduces No Trouble Found (NTF) rates.
  16. 16. Increases customer satisfaction and brand value.
  17. 17. Deflects call center support calls.
  18. 18. Reduces support call duration.
  19. 19. Increases support first-call resolution rates.
  20. 20. Easy deployment.
  21. 21. Easily integrates support for emerging standards in hardware development.
  22. 22. Localized in 24 languages.
  23. 23. Small footprint on end user hard drives.
  24. 24. Custom company branding including company logos and support contact information
  25. 25. Key User Communities
  26. 26. PC manufacturers
  27. 27. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  28. 28. Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs)
  29. 29. System integrators and IT service providers
  30. 30. System builders and Value- Added Resellers (VARs)
  31. 31. Customer support and field service organizations
  32. 32. Enterprise IT departments
  33. 33. Product Deliverables
  34. 34. PC-Doctor for Windows software product master for pre-installation on end- user systems
  35. 35. Reproduction and distribution license agreement to install PC- Doctor for Windows on computer systems
  36. 36. Customizable on-line documentation content for installation with PC-Doctor for Windows
  37. 37. Multilingual versions available in 24 languages for major PC market regions
  38. 38. Optional consulting and professional services available to speed field delivery of PC-Doctor for Windows solutions