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Open Sourcing a Predictive API - PAPIs 2015, Sydney

After operating for three years as a “black box” predictive API, Seldon recently open-sourced it’s entire predictive stack. Alex will talk about Seldon’s journey from closed to open: the challenges and pitfalls, architectural considerations, case studies, changes to business models, and new opportunities for partnership across the full stack - between both open and closed technology providers.

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Open Sourcing a Predictive API - PAPIs 2015, Sydney

  1. 1. Machine Intelligence for Enterprise
  2. 2. SELDON.IO ALEX HOUSLEY FOUNDER AND CEO @AHOUSLEY Open Sourcing a Predic0ve API 7th August 2015, Sydney
  3. 3. SELDON.IO August 2014, London
  4. 4. SELDON.IO 4 Predic0ve Models Hyper Parameters Data scien0sts want control
  5. 5. SELDON.IO How to add machine intelligence to your company Build In-House 3rd Party API Open PredicCve Pla[orm Control Model EvaluaCon Time Data ScienCsts Cost $$$✔ Too Many $$✗ Limited / Unknown $✔ Industry Models + Your Own
  6. 6. SELDON.IO OpCmizaCon Training Monitor Impact on KPIs Industry Models Constant feedback loop PredicConsModelsIngest Data How Seldon works
  7. 7. SELDON.IO start test best 1 2 3 N Selec0ng the best model
  8. 8. SELDON.IO Open Source Launch DocumentaCon Community Setup Sales Cycle SaaS License
  9. 9. SELDON.IO Seldon Container Infrastructure
  10. 10. SELDON.IO Fully Integrated Open-Source Ecosystem Microservices API Open Source Libraries Closed APIs Enterprise DistribuCons
  11. 11. SELDON.IO How do you make money? (the elephant in the room) OS Enterprise Services MLaaS Partner Ecosystem
  12. 12. SELDON.IO Conclusions •  Data scienCsts want more control. •  Open source costs less but ocen takes longer than SaaS. •  When given the opCon, many want to start with SaaS. •  Developers love open source and are awesome advocates. •  Microservices are the future. •  Let’s build an ecosystem and work together.
  13. 13. SELDON.IO THANK YOU Alex Housley @ahousley ah@seldon.io hQp://docs.seldon.io Thank you! Ques0ons?
  14. 14. SELDON.IO Seldon’s vision for the future: distributed arCficial general intelligence Computer Vision PredicCon Ethics NLP SenCment Open AGI Network