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Mysql Crud, Php Mysql, php, sql

Creating database whith mysql and php , Working with Crud

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Mysql Crud, Php Mysql, php, sql

  1. 1. CRUD in MySql By: Aimal Miakhel
  2. 2. Think of each table as a spreadsheet We define columns, also known as fields, which classify our data Each record in the table is a row
  3. 3. Varchar ◦ Variable Characters, specify up to how many characters something will be Char ◦ A set number of characters, good for things like state abbreviations Int ◦ Whole numbers, positive or negative
  4. 4. Float ◦ Floating Point, also known as a decimal Text ◦ A huge blob of text, like a paragraph or more TinyInt / Bit / Boolean ◦ 0 or 1, True or False DateTime ◦ A date and time 0000-00-00 00:00:00
  5. 5. Depending on the flavor of SQL (Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, etc) there are many more Don’t get overwhelmed, just think of what will be best in terms of sorting and lookups
  6. 6. Creating Table in Mysql CREATE TABLE User ( ID int, Username varchar(255), Password varchar(255) );
  7. 7. Username ◦ Varchar Password ◦ Varchar ID ◦ Integer AccountCreated ◦ DateTime
  8. 8. ID UserNa me Passwo rd 1 John 123 2 Jane 334 3 Sally 567 4 Ryan 8675 5 Joe 90887 9 User _Table
  9. 9. Create Read Update Delete
  10. 10. INSERT is used to create a new record in the database For example user is a table INSERT into user VALUES (1,‘Aimal’, ‘Miakhel’);
  11. 11. SELECT is used to retrieve a record in the database To select all the records from user table SELECT * FROM user;
  12. 12. Where is used for condition for some specific groups or records it filters the selection Eg. SELECT username, password FROM users WHERE ID = 1
  13. 13. UPDATE is used to change record(s) in the database UPDATE users SET username = ‘Ahmad’ WHERE ID = 1 Or UPDATE users SET username = ‘Ahmad’ WHERE username = ‘Aimal’
  14. 14. DELETE is used to remove records from the database DELETE FROM users WHERE ID = 1 ** if you do not specify anything in the WHERE clause, it will delete everything in that table
  15. 15. SELECT User FROM Users WHERE ID IN (1,2) SELECT * FROM User WHERE Name IN (‘Ahmad',‘Ali');
  17. 17. WHERE can also use wildcards for text ◦ WHERE Column IS LIKE ‘%something%’ WHERE can use more than = ◦ WHERE ID < 4 ◦ WHERE ID <= 4 WHERE can combine conditions ◦ WHERE Column = ‘A’ AND Column2 = ‘B’ ◦ WHERE Column = ‘A’ OR Column2 = ‘B’ ◦ WHERE (Column = ‘A’ OR Column2 = B’) AND Other = ‘C’
  18. 18. SQL has functions, like COUNT and SUM SELECT Customer, SUM(Amount) FROM Orders GROUP BY Customer SELECT COUNT(Customer) FROM Orders GROUP BY Customer
  19. 19. Design a database for university students Contains Student registration Attendance Fees Etc Date-03-09-2014