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Itnarrativereportformat 100201180832-phpapp01

  1. 1. LAGUNA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITYVISION, MISSION, COLLEGE GOALS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PROGRAMVISION The University shall be known as a premier university in CALABARZONoffering academic programs and related services designed to respond to therequirements/needs of the Philippines and the global economy particularly Asiancountries.MISSION AND MAIN THRUSTS The University shall primarily provide advance education, professional,technological and vocational instruction in agriculture, fishery, forestry, science,engineering, industrial technologies, teacher education, medicine, law, arts andsciences, information technology and other related fields. It shall also undertakeresearch and extension services, and provide a progressive leadership in its areaof specialization.COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES GOALS In pursuit of the University Vision/Mission, the College of Arts andSciences is committed to develop students with well-rounded personality flexibleenough to adjust in the changing needs of time for global competitiveness whichare related to research, extension and production; equip them with knowledgeand skills in Computer Education and other related fields in arts and sciences.THE OBJECTIVES OF THE IT PROGRAMGeneral The Associate in Information Technology leading to Bachelor of Science inInformation Technology program of the Laguna State Polytechnic University aimsto develop the students intellectual, emotional and skills competencies providedwith the advanced and detailed knowledge of the design, implementation, andmanagement issues involved in the application of IT as well as to prepare him tobecome more responsive regarding to the local, national and global demandsaffecting the IT industry. The theories acquired through various academicexercises coupled with on-the-job training activities are expected to increase thenumber of globally competitive experts in the field of IT environment.
  2. 2. Specific The specific objectives of the program are aligned to the four-foldfunctions of the University – Instruction, Research & Development, Extensionand Production:A. Instruction 1. To provide theoretical and technical skills through instruction, seminars and workshops; 2. To expose students to globally competitive graduates with desirable work values and attitudes; 3. To develop locally and globally competitive graduates with desirable work values and attitudes; 4. To initiate creative and innovative professional enhancement among instructors and students through skills training, on-the-job training and training and industry.B. Research and Development 1. Strengthen competencies of both instructors and students in the field of research that will serve as a basis for technological problem-solving; 2. Conduct information technology survey, interviews and feasibility studies to meet the demands of the changing world through information technologies and processes; 3. Produce IT researchers and researches to serve as a self-generating critical mass of human resources for research and development in information technology area.C. Extension 1. Forge critical linkages with local and foreign partners to support the activities of the department; 2. Conduct outreach programs such as basic and advance computer literacy programs, and the like; 3. Create training plans and information technology packages to supply the need of the community; 4. Provide assistance for project development.D. Production 1. Produce information systems and technologies that can be used as an income generating project of the college; 2. Construct improvised and innovative teaching materials, tools and equipment.
  4. 4. APPROVAL SHEETThis narrative report attached hereto entitled “A NARRATIVE REPORT ON ON-THE-JOB TRAINING UNDERTAKEN AT SALES DEPARTMENT OF DIGITALTELECOMMUNICATIONS PHILIPPINES INCORPORATION- STA. ROSA,LAGUNA” prepared and submitted by MA. AIMEE E. CANCERAN in partialfulfillment of the requirements for graduation for the diploma in ASSOCIATE ININFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, is hereby endorse for approval. FOR-IAN V. SANDOVAL I.T. Practicum Coordinator/ ____________________ Date Accepted and approved in partial fulfillment of the requirements for thedegree in ASSOCIATE IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (AIT). Dean, College of Arts and Sciences ____________________ Date
  5. 5. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The trainee wishes to express her deepest gratitude and profound thanksfor those who extended their enormous and immeasurable support for thecompletion of this report, for which without them this report will never be asuccess in reality. To Mr. For- Ian Sandoval, IT coordinator/OSAS, for helping her toenhance her knowledge and skills for the fulfillment of this training and for givingvaluable suggestions in the completion of this narrative report. To Ms. Lindsay Soliveres, the Human Resource Generalist of thecompany, for accepting her to conduct her training in the company To Mr .Giovanni Manzano, the Sales Supervisor, for conductingorientation to the trainees before the OJT started for tem to equipped with properknowledge of the product they are about to sell. To Mr. Joselito Bernardo. the Sales Coordinator, for the guidance,supports and knowledge on how to be a professional sales agent. To her beloved sisters and brother, ate Arleen, ate Aileen, and kuyaNonod, who supported her financially throughout the training and offered theirundying love. To her friends, bhebhe qoh and chakas, for the unforgettable experiencesthat they’ve shared together. Thanks for the “kulitan” and “ asaran” that made hercollege life full of memories.
  6. 6. To her “barkada”, DON LOG ROMANTICO’Z, who always make herhappy in times of sadness and held my hands when she’s in down.And most of all, to the ALMIGHTY GOD, who gave her the wisdomin allendeavors particularly in the whole duration of training. THE TRAINEE
  7. 7. DEDICATION This piece of work is humbly dedicated to her NANAY and TATAYfor all the memories of their undying love and supports, that though they are already in heaven their presence and care will remain in her heart.
  8. 8. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH The author, Ms. Ma. Aimee E. Canceran was born at Brgy. Pag- asaMabitac, Laguna, on September 03, 1992. She is the youngest daughter of Mr.Leodigario Canceran and Mrs. Soledad Canceran. At age of 12, her father died caused by heart disease. It made her life sad,but then she sinks to her mind that its not the end. She graduated with honor atMabitac Elementary School in year 2005. With the guidance of her mother, shefinished her secondary study at Mabitac National High School with differentawards and as a Salutatorian in year 2009. And as life goes on, struggles and hindrances never stop to make her lifemiserable, her mother have diagnosed with liver cancer. And the saddest partwas it’s already in the last stage. Her mother died without witnessing hergraduation march. It felt like it was the end of everything. But a thought comes toher mind that if she will let those hindrances ruined her life, would her mother behappy? That thought inspired her to continue her fight towards her goal. Since she was a scholar, she’s planning to continue her study and pursuefor the degree certificate.
  9. 9. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThe trainee conducted her on the job training at DIGITEL at Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Itstarted on November 08, 2010 and ends on January 05, 2011.Mr. For- Ian Sandoval , tha OSAS and IT coordinator was the one who referredthe trainee to have her OJT at Digitel after having the interview that was neededfor the ranking.The first week at Digitel ‘s office was a week of nervous and adjustments. Thesales supervisor conducted an orientation about the history of the company, theproducts that they are about to sell and the qualities of a productive sales agent.He was the one who endorsed the trainees on their respective sales coordinator/head.At first she was assigned at the sales manager’s office. Ms. Jorein taught her onhow to send e-mail on those positive prospects that may avail their products. Buton the following day, Ms. Nina Tan, the Sales Manager endorsed her to Mr .Joselito Bernardo a sales coordinator so that she can practice her ability onselling different company’s products. This sales coordinator was considered asone of the best coordinator of the company. He serves the digitel for about 13years.During her stay in the company, she learned the proper attitudes and ethics thatshe must performed inside, and it challenged her.
  10. 10. TABLE OF CONTENTS Page No.Vision, Mission, College Goals and i Objectives of the Information Technology ProgramTitle Page iiApproval Sheet iiiDedication ivBibliographical Sketch vExecutive Summary viTable of Contents viiCHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1 Historical Background of the Company Vision/Mission/Objectives of the Company Organizational Chart of the Company Department/Division/Section Personnel In-Charge and Designation Inclusive Dates of Training 2 IN-PLANT TRAINING PROGRAM Timetable Areas of Training Function and Duties of Employees List of References in the Company Library 3 DAILY ROUTINARY ACTIVITIES Daily Routines 4 SELF-ASSESSMENT Achievements a. Skills and Current Technology Learned/Enforced b. Equipment, Machinery, Testing Apparatus, etc. Handled c. Strong Points Versus Weak Points d. Best Experience on the Job e. Evidence of Background Preparation Faults a. Causes b. Suggested Solutions
  11. 11. Personal Relations: Integration with the Company Personnel Attendance and Punctuality Interest and Commitment5 RECOMMENDATIONS Potential of Company as a Training Ground a. Availability and Appropriateness of Facilities, Tools, Machinery and Equipment b. Company Personnel Cooperation Assessment to the Duration of Training Proposed Revisions for the Improvement of the Training Program Advised to Future Student-Trainee APPENDICES Appendix A. Curriculum Vitae Appendix B. OJT Pre-Interview Ranking Appendix B. Endorsement Letter Appendix C. Parent’s Waiver and Consent Appendix D. Certification of Completion Appendix E. Evaluation Sheet for OJT Appendix F. Daily Time Record Appendix G. Company Location Map Appendix H. OJT Photos Appendix I. Compiled Documentation and Presentation on DVD
  12. 12. Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION On the job training (OJT) is job training that occurs in the work place. Thenew employee learns the job while doing the job and while earning his or her paycheck. On the job training is also called hands on training. On the job training hasmany advantages, but it can also have a few disadvantages if the OJT is notproperly planned and executed. The goal of the OJT program is to place participants in occupations thatwill enhance their prospects for long-term employment and will ultimately permitthem to become self-sufficient. OJT involves the acquisition of specific skills andemployment competencies, through exposure in an actual work setting, to theprocesses, work tasks, tools and methods of a specific job or group of jobs. It is the responsibility of supervisors and managers to utilize availableresources to train, qualify, and develop their employees. On-the-job training(OJT) is one of the best training methods because it is planned, organized, andconducted at the employees worksite. OJT will generally be the primary methodused for broadening employee skills and increasing productivity. It is particularlyappropriate for developing proficiency skills unique to an employees job -especially jobs that are relatively easy to learn and require locally-ownedequipment and facilities. One major drawback of on the job training can be finding the right time forit. The person responsible for giving and evaluating the training has to be surethat his or her other job responsibilities are being met. Another disadvantage ofOJT is that it can be difficult to find the right person to conduct it. The persondoing the training must have the knowledge and skills with the same equipmentthat the learner will be working with. Care must also be given not to pass on
  13. 13. sloppy work habits or unintentionally teach irrelevant or inefficient work methodsto the new worker/learner. If these disadvantages are eliminated, however, on the job training can bebeneficial for both the company and the new employee. OJT can be cost-effective for the business since a separate training program isnt required and thetraining is part of the actual work shifts. No extra equipment is needed as thenew worker learns on the equipment needed for the job anyway. On the jobtraining often works out really well for the new employee since traditional trainingperiods tend to have a training allowance that may be lower than the regular payscale for the job The Laguna State Polytechnic University supports the on-the-job trainingprograms of the College of Arts and Sciences to uplift the morale, productivityand professionalism of the aspiring employees under the Information TechnologyProgram of this university.Historical Background of the Company Type the information here.Vision/Mission/Objectives of the Company Type the information here.
  14. 14. Organizational Chart of the Company Type the information here.
  15. 15. Department/Division/Section The trainee was assigned at the Sales Department as a Sales Agentunder the team and supervision of Sir Jess. Their way of introducing products aredivide into two ways: the first one was by means of telephone . the agent makesa call-out with the help of directory and try to have atleast 10 positives clients.The second way was a field work wherein the agent make a house to houseendorsing of products.Sales Department was the one whose responsible in providing good numbers ofsales that serves as the income of the company.Personnel In-Charge and DesignationMr. Joselito Bernardo is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in BusinessAdministration major in Accounting at Far Eastern University. He finished hiscollege study at age of 18 and went to Driving School Academy in America toenhance his driving skills. After of staying in America he went back to Philippinesto look for a job. And his search ends at Digitel at Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Heconsidered as one of the best Sales coordinator of the company. He serves thecompany for about 13 years.He is very professional in terms of being a sales coordinator. He makes sure thateverything was in order. At first glance you will conclude that he is a terror one,who doesn’t know how to smile and make a simple joke. But as days passed by,the trainee found out that Mr. Jess was a person that full of humor. He calledhimself as “hyper” as if he don’t have any problem. He do motivated his agentsby means of saying something that will build their self confidence. He sharedeverything he knows about dealing with the costumer. In other hands, Mr. Jesswas one of a kind.
  16. 16. Inclusive Dates of Training Started on November 08, 2010 and successfully finished the 240 hoursshe needs to accomplished her OJT program on January 5, 2011.
  17. 17. Chapter 2 IN-PLANT TRAINING PROGRAM In plant training is a compulsorily part in the academic duration of Collegeof Arts and Sciences Information Technology Degree and Diploma programsunder various agreed universities and educational institutions. Which is not becompleted for just like a certification course. This training period plays the uniquerole in every Students life .Training in the sense it provides the various ideas andalso leads the students to think out of the boundary limit in order to encouragetheir creativity and innovating skills. The Destination of this in-plant trainingprogram is to give the full fledged energy to the students to face this world withbasic knowledge about the companies and process involved over their in variousmodules, so that he/she will be make themselves in which process they aregoing to show their interest. After the successful completion of studies, students have to face thiscompetitive world with this knowledge to face many problems and to find the rightsolutions which is to be solved in the minimum duration of time. Some problemsto be solved by our knowledge but some problems are to be solved only by ourexperience. Experience gained by us by knowing the errors possibilities and alsoknow to troubleshoot the error possibilities and also to think & design theelimination techniques logically & technically. This in-plant training program of the university IT Program focuses onknowledge and skills development prior to the application of the IT theories andconcepts. University linkages Industry experts from relevant fields would provideinsight and training to the students.
  18. 18. TIMETABLES A timetable or schedule is an organized list, usually set out in tabular form,providing information about a series of arranged events: in particular, the time atwhich it is planned these events will take place.Table 1. The Weekly Agenda of the Student Trainee. DAY TIME JOB DESCRIPTION Monday 8:00AM-6:00PM  making call-outs  photocopying some application forms, evaluation forms and other documents Tuesday 8:00AM-6:00PM  house to house endorsing of products in Binan, San Pedro and Sta. Rosa.  Submitting of remittance Wednesday  photocopying some application 8:00AM-6:00PM forms, evaluation forms and other documents  making call-outs Thursday 8:00AM-6:00PM  making call-outs  photocopying some application forms, evaluation forms and other documents Friday 8:00AM-6:00PM  house to house endorsing of
  19. 19. products in Binan, San Pedro and Sta. Rosa.  Submitting of remittanceAreas of Training The trainee was assigned in the Sales Department wherein she needs tosell the products of Digitel. Most of the time she was in the office for call- outs.But there’s a time that she was on the field doing a house to house to endorsingof products.Function and Duties of Employees Type the information here.
  20. 20. List of References in the Company Library The table below shows the available manual or handbook as references ofindividual employee pertaining to the policies and guidelines set forth by theorganization.Table 2. Company Library References. Company References Description
  21. 21. Chapter 3 DAILY ROUTINARY ACTIVITY In this chapter, the student trainee presents the day-to-day standardizeactions or procedures that are followed regularly and often repetitiously.NOVEMBER 2009 DATE JOB DESCRIPTIONNovember 16, 2010November 17, 2010DECEMBER 2009 DATE JOB DESCRIPTIONDecember 01, 2010December 02, 2010Copy paste the table.
  22. 22. Chapter 4 SELF-ASSESSMENT In this chapter, the student trainee comprehensively self-assessed theadditional knowledge and skills achieved during the training program.Achievements a. Skills and Current Technology Learned/Enforced During the training, the trainee learned a lot of things. It enhanced her ability of pleasing other especially the costumer. She have learned that taking seriously of your work will make you a productive staff of the company. And most of all, working harmoniously with your co-workers are really needed. She learned on how to operate some machine/ gadgets that can be found inside the office. b. Equipment, Machinery, Testing Apparatus, etc.Handled The trainee handled different equipments such as: COMPUTER This is the device wherein the programmable way of sorting records and checking of costumer’s account can be found. XEROX MACHINE This is the machine that the staff used to reproduce the documents they need.
  23. 23. TELEPHONE Device that used to make a call- outs and communicate with the costumer. WIRELESS LANDLINE Device that used to make a call- outs and communicate with the costumer.c. Strong Points Versus Weak Points Each person possessed strength and weaknesses. The trainee accomplished different tasks and learned office procedure with the help of her strong points. She’s willing to learn new things, accept comments from other and has the ability to adopt herself in new environment. But behind those strong points are some weaknesses. There comes a point that she missed terribly her family and it makes her sick. And she’s a kind of person that loves sleeping that’s why when she has nothing to do inside the office she feels sleepy. =) and the worst was she’s afraid of committing errors that may lead to her supervisor’s disappointments.d. Best Experience on the Job The trainee spent 240 hours at Digitel. And with those hours, she encountered new experiences- experiences that made her OJT unforgettable. She still remember the laughter they made inside the company’s car when they are in field, the days when they are about to give fliers , and those times when she’s having a good time laughing with some office staff.
  24. 24. e. Evidence of Background Preparation A week before the OJT, the trainee prepared all the requirements she needs to submit. She packed up her things and prepared herself for the adjustments. She make sure that she has the self confident to interact with her superior. At the first day, she wakes up early and come to office a few minuted before eight o’clock.Faults a. Causes During the training, she committed several faults suh as: 1. sometimes she failed to listen carefully to the directions given by her superior so as a result there were times that she was not aware of on what to do with her tasks. 2. there were times that she lacks confidence in terms of dealing with different clients. 3. she was sometimes absent-minded at work. b. Suggested Solutions Type the information here.Personal Relations: Integration with the Company Personnel Type the information here.Attendance and Punctuality Type the information here.Interest and Commitment
  25. 25. Type the information here.
  26. 26. Chapter 5 RECOMMENDATIONS In this chapter, the student trainee contains the insights toward howthe on-the-job training incorporated to the Information Technology programoffered by the College of Arts and Sciences will be enhanced, alternativesolutions to have a better company management and advice to the upcomingstudent-trainees who will conduct work site training at the same company.Potential of the Company as a Training Ground Type an introductory paragraph here. Type an introductory paragraphhere. Type an introductory paragraph here. a. Availability and Appropriateness of Facilities, Equipment, Tools and Machinery Type the information here. Type the information here. Type the information here. b. Company Cooperation Personnel Type the information here. Type the information here. Type the information here.Assessment to the Duration of Training Type the information here. Type the information here. Type theinformation here.
  27. 27. Proposed Revisions for the Improvement of the Training Program Type the information here. Type the information here. Type theinformation here.Advised to Future Student-Trainee Type the information here. Type the information here. Type theinformation here.
  28. 28. APPENDICES
  29. 29. APPENDIX ACurriculum Vitae
  30. 30. APPENDIX BOJT Pre-Interview Ranking
  31. 31. Republic of the Philippines Λαγυνα Στατε Πολψτεχηνιχ Υνιϖερσιτψ Siniloan Host Campus In Service to Province of LagunaMotherland and Humanity Siniloan, Los Baños, Santa Cruz, San Pablo City Campus Telephone Nos. (049)/813-0452/Telefax 813-0273/827-0142/810-4112/800-3027 Forwarding Address: Siniloan ASSOCIATE IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ON-THE-JOB TRAINING RANKING The following students are seeking for an IT related On-Job-Training experiences and willing to be assigned in far places. 1 CAMPOSANO Jaydee L. 95.35 2 MACALALAD Mareden E. 95.00 3 PONCE Ramon Jr. D. 94.95 4 EVANGELISTA Benjie C. 94.20 5 UMALI Jodielyn U. 93.65 6 VERGARA Shiela B. 93.65 7 NAJERA Marivie I. 93.00 8 VALDEZ Rodilen T. 92.90 9 BASILAN John Allan A. 92.65 10 MANALO Jennilyn T. 92.30 11 DE ROSAS Francisco T. 92.30 12 GARCIA Mark Vincent C. 91.50 13 ALVIS Jocelle O. 91.45 14 TOLOCOTOC Derrick Andrew D. 91.25 15 ROZCO Carlo V. 91.15 16 CUETO Shiela Marie L. 90.00 17 VERTUDEZ Mary Jean M. 89.60 18 SUPREMO Hazell C. 89.55 19 OLIVA Mary Ann C. 89.25 20 KAKILALA Unijean C. 89.10 21 MALIKSI Mary Joy F. 88.45 22 GRAIDA Julie Ann R. 88.45 23 HERNANDEZ Jaymarc R. 87.25 24 JOVEN Annalyn D. 87.25 25 OBISPO Manilyn S. 86.70 26 PARTOSA Airene P. 86.55 27 KAKILALA Michael D. 86.30 28 LOPEZ Jennifer C. 86.00 29 GERONIMO Gelly Ann A. 85.65 30 SANTOS Jameson D. 85.60 31 BALDEMOR Florentina D. 85.55 32 CONFERIDO Mary Janelle A. 85.10 33 LUBAY Aileen C. 84.95 34 FLORES Beverly P. 84.80 35 AUSTRIA Angela Lyn R. 84.65 36 FADER Kristel Rhoda C. 84.65 37 DAYANAN Melchor F. 84.65
  32. 32. 38 DEL ROSARIO Darwin B. 84.00 39 QUINTO Reyner M. 83.95 40 JAVIER Michelle M. 83.60 41 ADRE Roselle C. 83.50 42 ACORDA Jeuz P. 83.25 43 BORNALO Jinalyn A. 83.15 44 MIRAS Mary Jane B. 82.75 45 ADAO Angelyn S. 82.50 46 RODRIGUEZ Jose Jefferson G. 82.10 47 ADOVAS Jennifer A. 82.05 48 CANLAS Noemi B. 82.05 49 RUPAN Alyssa A. 82.00 50 EVASCO Frederick J. 81.90 51 CARANDANG Rosalie D. 81.75 52 BUENO Jernalyn I. 81.65 53 CAWASA Manilyn G. 81.65 54 ROMANTICO Melody S. 81.65 55 BACANTO Princess C. 81.50 56 SOLLORANO Joana Marie R. 81.35 57 VALOIS Jhorney T. 81.35 58 CARULLA Mary Rose M. 81.00 59 JAMON Jayson M. 80.85 The following students are seeking for an IT related On-Job-Training experiencesbut not willing to be assigned in far places due to unstable financial status. 1 ANIBAN Regine V. 92.75 2 DIATA Aaron John G. 92.00 3 GAVIA Oliver M. 91.65 4 ARCEO Laila D. 90.90 5 AFABLE Michael Jun M. 89.15 6 DELA CRUZ Mary Grace 88.90 7 REÑA Lory Ann C. 88.25 8 DE RAMOS Marinelle T. 88.50 9 GIMENA Felomina F. 88.25 10 VILLAREAL Maricris T. 87.10 11 MANALO Mariz G. 86.45 12 AFRICANO Julie Ann R. 85.45 13 SORIANO Joan S. 84.75 14 CASONO Liezl R. 84.35 15 DE LOS SANTOS Ivy K. 83.85 16 BAGUE Jordan B. 83.40 17 NAVARRO Jennilyn A. 82.45 18 MONTEFALCON Mildred L. 81.90 19 LAGMAY Elmira U. 80.85 20 VALE Jomerzon M. 80.85 21 JURADO Ronie O. 80.70 22 BAYONON Jonathan O. 79.85 Prepared by : FOR-IAN V. SANDOVAL IT Program Coordinator
  33. 33. APPENDIX CEndorsement Letter
  34. 34. APPENDIX DParent’s Waiver and Consent
  35. 35. APPENDIX ECertificate ofCompletion
  36. 36. APPENDIX FEvaluation Sheet for OJT
  37. 37. APPENDIX GDaily Time Records
  38. 38. APPENDIX HLocation Map
  39. 39. APPENDIX IOJT Photos
  40. 40. Place the caption here.Place the caption here.
  41. 41. Place the caption here.Place the caption here.
  42. 42. Place the caption here.Place the caption here.
  43. 43. Place the caption here.Place the caption here.
  44. 44. Place the caption here.Place the caption here.
  45. 45. APPENDIX H CompiledDocumentation andPresentation on DVD
  46. 46. Visit yourProgram Coordinator for consultation. This page is not included.