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Java Presentation

  1. Java language is the most popular programming language in use today by many measures. Portability across hardware platforms and operating systems is the main benefit of Java applications.
  2. Refers to a number of computer software products and specifications from Sun Microsystems that together provide a platform for developing application software and deploying it in a cross-platform environment.
  3. The Java platform has attracted more than 6.5 million software developers. 1.1 billion desktops run Java. 930 million Java Runtime Environment downloads each year. 3 billion mobile phones run Java. 31 times more Java phones ship every year than Apple and Android combined.
  4. Java is used in... Mobile phones Web servers Enterprise applications Less common on desktop computers
  5. Collaboration Banking Aviation E- commerce
  6. Lottery Terminals Set Top Box Webcams Internet Laptops Games Printers Data centers Super Computer Car navigation system
  7. Originally owned by Sun Microsystems Oracle acquired Sun in 2010 Here is a list of giants that supports and actively contributing to Java.
  8. Java Developers in high demand everywhere. They are highly paid and well respected. It is a very lucrative career, provided a very well structured learning and training is required. Java is considered as tough to master. But a well designed training program and some dedication can guarantee you a bright future in Java.
  9. Java is here to stay for many long years and the software professionals dealing with the concepts of Java can definitely expect more stable jobs and great opportunities in the near future.
  10. Not just about Java technology, Complete Java Software Engineer. Makes the student a complete professional who has all the skills and qualities that can be expected from an expert software engineer. The student can easily integrated into any commercial software teams easily from the beginning, just like an expert developer.
  11. After completing the course the student will be able to start preparing for Oracle Certified Professional Exams. Aitrich just provides what the industry seeks. An Aitrich trained student is an industry-ready software professional. Aitrich is Industry focused not Interview focused.
  12. Any student with an IT/ Non IT background can join to this course. Our training is ease of Understanding. Dedication is yours , we are providing a well designed structured training.
  13. • Java Course follows aitrich Training Methodology (aTM). • aTM in combination with the Java course builds an aitrich Trained Professional, the industry- ready software professional.
  14. After undergoing java course which follows the aitrich Training Methodology the student becomes an aitrich Trained Professional Java Developer.
  16. Course duration 2 Months Course prerequisites Prior experience/familiarity with any programming language, preferably C/C++ Language (Desirable)
  17. Course duration 2 Months Course prerequisites Core Java Basic Course
  18. Course duration 3 Months Course prerequisites Core Java Course.
  19. Course duration 2 Months Course prerequisites Java Enterprise Edition – Web Development
  20. JAVA Mobile Edition Android Development Course prerequisites Core Java
  21. Mobile phone applications are very wide scope area where Java is being used for its portability and independence. Most of mobile phones operate over Java implementations. Mobile operating system Android’s applications are developing in JAVA Platform. Sun has its own implementations names as JavaME (Java Micro Edition).