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human resource planning

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  2. 2. HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING  HRP is a process of forecasting a firm’s future demand for and the supply of  The right type of people.  In the right number.  According to Mc.Beath, HRP is concerned with two things: 1:- planning of manpower requirements. 2:- planning of manpower supply.
  3. 3. FACTORS AFFECTING HRP Lack of skilled resources:- This is a major problem faced by the organization . lack of appropriate skills, abilities to execute the task is a general problem experienced by manager. Separation of employees:- At times employee leave and separate from the organization due to factors like resignation, death, premature retirement. Change in policies:- Technological changes or impact of globalization or changes in fiscal and trade policies also affect organizational functioning. Change in organizational objectives:- Whenever organizational plans take different forms like expansion ,growth, diversification etc. so according to that we have to sets different skill.
  4. 4. BARRIERS OF HRP  Time consuming  Uncertainties  Inability to plan or inadequate planning  Inferior information  Conflict between short term and long term HR needs
  5. 5. NEED FOR HRP  Employment and unemployment situation  Skill shortage  Government influence