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Embroidery 101

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Embroidery 101

  1. 1. Embroidery 101 Alyson Mahn
  2. 2. What we will cover• Introduction• Basic Equipment• Threading the needle• Cross Stitch• Back Stitch
  3. 3. Introduction
  4. 4. What is it?• Decoration of material using a needle and thread/yarn• Other materials can be added as additional decoration elements.• Different stitching techniques are used to create different effects.• Sewing machines can be used.
  5. 5. Techniques• Cross Stitch• Back Stitch• Running Stitch or Straight Stitch• Chain Stitch• Satin Stitch• French Knot• Loop Stitch• The list goes on. . .
  6. 6. Tools
  7. 7. Floss or thread• Most important part of embroidering• Colors are labeled by number• Thousands of colors
  8. 8. Needles• Can’t embroider without them.• Different sizes• Two types: blunt and linin• Protip: Larger eyes make things much easier
  9. 9. Hoop• Hold the fabric taunt and an place.• Usually plastic or wood• Different sizes, even some different shapes
  10. 10. Hands on time!
  11. 11. Threading a needle• 1) Divide the floss into three sections of two strands each.• 2) Dampen the end and flatten the threads together• 3) Stick them through the eye• 4) Pull the floss until it is partially through the eye, fold.
  12. 12. Cross Stitch• One of the most basic techniques.• Think of each block as a pixel in a digital picture.• http://youtu.be/OLYdbatulwM
  13. 13. Back Stitch• Another basic stitch• Used mainly for outlines• http://youtu.be/Kkrdekn4g90
  14. 14. Credits• Videos: Expert Village• Pictures: kimberlylayton.com, dickblick.com, kaboodle.com, hatsideas.com, 4-hobby.com, instructables.com, squidoocdn.com