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Edu carex core_module

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Edu carex core_module

  1. 1. EduCareX Software for School Management MATRIX PRO BELIEVES IN SIMPLICITY
  2. 2. Introduction ‘EduCareX' has come to tackle all your difficulties in handling school’s activity manually. Most vulnerable areas where manual system fails to comply effectively: Registration & Allotment of Class & Section MIS on student strength and desired activity to enhance business. Root cause/functional area in drop of business MIS on faculty performance leads to business growth Examination & fast selection of question paper Proper accounting, Asset & Liability monitoring on daily basis
  3. 3. Features Complete solution for school Effectively increases productivity & efficiency of office staff Reduces paper work to a great extent Strengthening relationship with parents by maintaining a proper information system Automation of important units like fee, library, stock, payroll
  4. 4. School is Cool (Basic Modules)
  5. 5. Advanced Modules
  6. 6. Advanced Module
  7. 7. Registration New Registration Registration Form Sale Receipt of sale of registration form Capturing details of students Scrutiny for admission Selected/Rejected candidates list
  8. 8. Admission New Admission after successful scrutiny Capturing complete details of students Unique Scholar No. generation Auto tagging with class & section Automatic allotment of roll no. Admission Fee Collection List of scholars
  9. 9. Fee Collection Demand Note Generation Fee Collection – Cash/Cheque/Bank Fee Receipt generation Generation of Defaulter Stop TC/Result, if defaulter Penalty Tracking Ledger Printing Reconciliation report
  10. 10. Exam Management Exam schedule preparation Question paper preparation Fast compilation of Results Printing of results Grading of students MIS/Query on results Graphical analysis report of students
  11. 11. Faculty Management Faculty Dossier Maintenance Class schedule preparation Performance monitoring Absentee List Better utilization of manpower Categorization of faculty (Full time/part time)
  12. 12. Accounts Management Office Expenses Supplier Ledger Head wise Ledger preparation Day Book Profit & Loss A/c Trail Balance
  13. 13. Attendance with Payroll No proxy attendance as finger ridges are used to mark attendance Marking of attendance using Bio Metric device Absentee List Preparation Attendance register generation Payroll & Pay slip generation Advance & Provident Fund Tracking
  14. 14. Library Management Procurement of Books/Magazines Auto generation of Book ID Generation of Library Card Issue / Return of Book Ledger Fine Module Auto arrangement of books List of available books and issued books
  15. 15. Inventory Management Management of Stock Supplier Ledger Issue/Return/Transfer of Items Stock value report Linking with Accounts management
  16. 16. Transport Management Transport owner details Route Chart Preparation Generation of Bus Card Transport fee collection Linking with fee management for charges
  17. 17. Counseling Management Performance monitoring of students/faculty Extra curricular activity Help student to select discipline on basis of historical data
  18. 18. Technical Detail ASP.NET with C# as language SQL Server Express Windows XP professional Matrixpro Framework