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20181110 redmine.tokyo #15 LT Redmine本、売ってみた。

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A presentation that I talked on Nov.10, 2018 at Redmine Tokyo Meetup.
I talked about experiences of making Redmine's fan book and selling it at the event “Gijutsu Shoten" held at Ikebukuro on October 8, 2018.

20181110 redmine.tokyo #15 LT Redmine本、売ってみた。

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20181110 redmine.tokyo #15 LT Redmine本、売ってみた。

  1. 1. Today, I’d like to introduce my experience of making and selling Redmine’s fanbook at the event, Goijuyu-Shoten, held on 20181008.
  2. 2. I’m Akiko, a Sunday programmer of Redmine plugins and so on. Over 10 years since I knew Redmine.
  3. 3. As I told at first, let’s talk about my experience of making and selling Redmine’s fanbook. Personally it was very exciting things.
  4. 4. By the way, I’ve just changed my job and around 2 month passed. Though I changed my career in my 40s, I’m trying to survive.
  5. 5. #1. Applying the Gijutsu-Shoten 5th event
  6. 6. Oh god! I got a chance to join this event! It’s first time for me not only to make fan book by myself, but also join this kind of event!
  7. 7. Later, I was pretty nervous. Because I must do all the thing by myself. Commonly say, “One-Ope (One operation)” as this situation. And I had to write about the something related to technology… I had no plan at that time..
  8. 8. Supported by the people who met at the Infrastructure Study On-line community, I got motivated somehow. Let's do the least! Do my best!
  9. 9. #2. Start to writing!!
  10. 10. As it is a common story, I could not start it right away…. But I declared “Join the event!”, so there was no escape place for me. Anyway, I decided to make my first fanbook with a copy machine.
  11. 11. From this Sept, I spent a little busy days to do well my new work. I started to write in the middle of Sept. After finishing my first illustration, I was getting excited.
  12. 12. The tool to make a book I used was Power Point. Because this is easy tool for me to use, like this presentation ;-) Anyway, the remaining time was a little bit more!
  13. 13. #3. Overcome the mountain!
  14. 14. Just few days before the due date, I could hardly manage housekeeping or children's care and so on… Even my book was around 20 pages, it was hard work for me.. Thank you so much my love and kids!
  15. 15. On Saturday morning, I rushed into the DTP shop, Kinko’s. I was deeply impressed by seeing the printed papers. “Ok, almost there! I can do it!”
  16. 16. Binding books was done manually with children. It might be very strange for me because I love automation tool or CI tool, such as Jenkins ;-) Please visit for more detail : https://daily-postit.hatenablog.com/entry/2018/10/26/015518
  17. 17. #4. Time has come, enjoy the event!
  18. 18. Event place was opened! I sit the my space with my son. Many people rushed to the booth to get the book. It was just like a hunting.
  19. 19. After 10 minutes, the time had come!! Incredable!!!!
  20. 20. Congratulations! My 1st publishing was soled!!!
  21. 21. #5. SOLD OUT!!!
  22. 22. After that, some people came to see me, took my book and bought it :) Most of people got my book without reviewing…… It was also one of the strange thing for me ;-)
  23. 23. Finally, all the books that I made by hand were sold out in the middle of the noon.
  24. 24. I was deeply impressed because I could see many followers, who I’ve never seen in the real world. Until then, I told most of them through only on-line communications.
  25. 25. #6. I got it! To tell the truth…..
  26. 26. Let me talk about one true thing…..
  27. 27. I’ve never get any reward, money until now!
  28. 28. But somehow, I received rewardsthrough this event!!!
  29. 29. #7. Keep development, because it’s my fun.
  30. 30. To tell the truth, I have a little fear feeling to receive money, through the way like this. Because I usually tell, share, output my experiences as one of the activity for OSS community.
  31. 31. So, it’s my great pleasure if I could help you a little by sharing my experiences throughout this book.
  32. 32. Finally, thank you so much all the community, Redmine, OSS, InfraStructure Study and so on. They lift my days, make my days so happy!!
  33. 33. おまけ:ちょっと宣伝 わりとお母さん的な視点で書いてます! https://booth.pm/ja/items/1039093 今回の技術書典で、決済方法や販売のシステムがとても進化していて、 個人のアウトプットがすごくしやすくなったことも実感しています!