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Nordic OER

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Presentation of OER initiatives in the Nordic region. Estonian Information Technology Foundation for Education conference, Turning point in education, 9-11 April 2014

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Nordic OER

  1. 1. Nordic cooperation in open education CC BY-SA Some rights reserved by S. Solberg J. on Wikimedia Commons
  2. 2. Alastair Creelman alastair.creelman@lnu.se Map: Public Domain http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:2008_Europe_Political_Map_EN.jpg on Wikimedia Commons Blogs on IT and learning Corridor of Uncertainty (English) Flexspan (Swedish) Twitter: @alacre
  3. 3. OER Sverige (#oerswe)
  4. 4. CC Some rights reserved by Shahram Sharif OER Sverige • Increase national collaboration in OER • Create effective online methods to support teachers and students • Raise awareness of OER • Contribute to the creation of a national structure for tagging, distribution and storage of OER
  5. 5. Webinars 9 webinars 1589 registered 1146 participants 4232 views
  6. 6. Attitudes CC BY Some rights reserved by scotbot
  7. 7. NordicOER building a Nordic alliance for Open Education • Network and project • Recommendations in 7 languages • Position paper • Cooperation with other projects • #nordicoer
  8. 8. Barriers to OER • No national policies or incentives • Low level of coordination between sectors • Lack of sharing culture • Lack of recognition • Suspicion of openness • Hard to find resources CC BY-NC-ND Some rights reserved by Robert Voors
  9. 9. Opportunities for OER • Culture of openness and transparency • Catalyst for innovation in education • New models for education • New publishing models • Quality focus, peer review for learning and teaching • Language and culture CC BY-NC-ND Some rights reserved by Seattle.roamer
  10. 10. Nordic OER position paper Goals and Objectives Barriers Actions Recommendations • Policy • Institutions • Individuals
  11. 11. Finding Nordic OER http://nordicoer.org/find-oer/ CC BY-NC-ND Some rights reserved by Albuquerque BioPark
  12. 12. nordicoer.org
  13. 13. This project was financed with the support of the European Commission. This publication is the sole responsibility of the author and the Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein. Sustainability in OER for less used languages http://langoer.eun.org/
  14. 14. Project challenges • Enhance the linguistic and cultural components of OER • Foster sustainability through OER reuse • Address needs of policy makers AND educators • Raise awareness of risk of exclusion of less used languages from the OER landscape • Offer training to educators of less used languages, face-to-face and online • Embrace stakeholders of regional and minority languages to gain knowledge, develop skills
  15. 15. International workshop on policy for OER and less used languages 28 April, Oslo OER and challenges and opportunities for less used languages in a global, European, Nordic and national perspective.
  16. 16. My digital footprints ... Blogs about net learning • Corridor of Uncertainty (English) • Flexspan (Swedish) • Corridor of Learning (what I’m reading) • Flexflow (magazine with news from my network) Twitter (links to articles and news) http://twitter.com/alacre My bookmarks http://www.diigo.com/user/alacre CC BY-NC Some rights reserved by Ben McDarmont Photography on Flickr