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Ss Neshep

New member presentation from KDC.

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Ss Neshep

  1. 1. Stuart Shirreff PGCert, BSc(Hons), CMIOSH, MIIRSM, RMaPS, MRSPH KDC Contractors Limited Head of Safety and AssuranceWilton, TeesideTuesday 7th February 2012
  2. 2. KDC Contractors Ltd• Employ 138 specialist operatives and management• 30 machine operators• 80 operatives, management and supervisors• Provide a full suite of services to the Chemical, Petro-Chemical, Nuclear, Pharmaceutical and Local Authorities• Decommissioning, De-planting, Demolition and Land Remediation• Own In-House: – Nuclear decommissioning team (small works) – De-planting and rigging teams – Licensed Asbestos abatement team
  3. 3. Who we work for• BNFL Sellafield • Wrexham Borough Council• RSRL (UKAEA) • Liverpool 2020• AWE • Royal Mail• BP • Sembcorp• Chevron • Port Authorities• GSK • Wales and West Utilities• AstraZeneca • Scottish Power• Magnox Electrical • Piramal• MSD • Johnson Matthey• Syngenta • St Modwens• DOW Chemical
  4. 4. Exotic Travel
  5. 5. Large Tonka Toys
  6. 6. On Large
  7. 7. And Unusual Sites
  8. 8. Demolition of Croda
  9. 9. Demolition at Dow Wilton
  10. 10. What Motivated Changes• Company aims to achieve significant milestones• Confusion within documentation• Understanding of what is required under Law and Practice• Need for workforce participation• Demonstrate that health & safety can be carried out at minimal or no extra cost and as part of daily systems of operation• Workforce can be educated to improve their health and safety understanding and in doing so there is a positive benefit to the business
  11. 11. What are KDC working on4 key elements within the Risk Management System• Simplifying the Method Statements for the work packages. Elimination or reduce usage of Numbered Matrix within the Risk Assessments• Enhanced toolbox talks• POWRA Cards daily for all ops• Site Safety Observations (SSO’s)
  12. 12. Story So Far• Taken two years from the initial intervention• MS now written in simple English with no legal quotes and references to laws• RA are rated as Low, Medium, High, Unacceptable (Traffic light colour coded)• Toolbox talks delivered by the safety team using technology and over 30 minute duration (educational rather than dictatorial)• POWRA Cards completed daily by 80% of site workforce (pilot programme)
  13. 13. Outcomes Achieved• 6 years in March 2012 since last RIDDOR (1.95m/Hrs.)• 92% workforce retention rate• 93% of workforce carry professional competency cards• 97% recycle rate on all demolition projects• 12 consecutive years of BSC International Safety Award for below industry accident rates• National awarding body recognition for compliance under CDM and Appendix 4• No major non compliances for the tri standards in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001
  14. 14. What our Clients thinkRichard Smith, Dow Global Demolition Director, said: “KDC Continues to demonstrate an outstanding commitment to the safe planning and execution of all field work on Dow demolition projects. We truly believe KDC’s superlative performance is a reflection of the leadership and support of the entire KDC management team, as well as the diligence and dedication of all KDC personnel”.
  15. 15. Thank You