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Stress and law dr. shriniwas kashalikar

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Stress and law dr. shriniwas kashalikar

  2. 2. The stress is universal. It is ubiquitous. It is natural. It is inseparable from life. However; if it is not managed properly then it becomes detrimental to individual and global blossoming and even survival. Hence it has to be managed properly. Stress has been managed in many ways for millennia. The ways of stress management have been changing as the life and the nature of stress have been changing. Since the nature of life is vast and complex the nature of stress is also vast and complex. Hence the traditions, customs, conventions, commandments, decrees, laws, rules, regulations, administration, etiquettes and manners; on the one hand; and scientific inventions, discoveries, artistic creations and other modes of elevating, exhilarating, entertaining, consoling and soothing life on the other; have limitations in terms of stress management (even though they have contributed tremendously in stress management; in the past)! All these ways of stress management can come closer to accuracy and hence achieve greater effectiveness if they spring from and are coordinated and orchestrated
  3. 3. by ever renewed self realization i.e. cosmic consciousness, in the new generations! In fact, self realization i.e. merging with cosmic consciusness; enables us to express the enlightenment in every walk of life so that above said coordination, orchestration and harmonization in every field through out the world becomes possible. In other words individual and global stress management (Total Stress Management) becomes possible. The way for merging with cosmic consciousness is NAMASMARAN. It is true that thousands of people are practicing NAMSMARAN and many of them are merging with cosmic consciousness and expressing their enlightenment in various walks of life. But this practice of NAMASMARAN i.e. process of self realization has to be universal so that the laws governing the universal life become conducive to self realization i.e. individual and global blossoming.
  4. 4. In the field of law, there are; many laws, which are coercive, restrictive, throttling, suffocating and create hindrance to individual and global blossoming on one hand; and many laws conducive to individual and global blossoming; are grimly missing; on the other! The laws regarding education, health, agriculture, industries and so on; should be such; that they enhance self realization i.e. individual and global blossoming and dispel the degenerating, debilitating and destructive forces. For instance: 1. Concept of Self realization (holistic (universal) perspective, policy making, planning and execution) 2. Concepts of Holistic health Holistic Medicine 3. Productive Domain in Education 4. Plantation of suitable or feasible plants 5. Conviction of the demerits, disadvantages and dangers of the perspective, policies, planning and laws and regulations; leading to “individualistic and consumerist progress” (e.g. unabated felling of trees, excessive production and marketing of personal
  5. 5. transport vehicles and barbaric and brutal slaughtering of animals) must be part of all kinds of education. Everything other than NAMASMARAN; “marketed and sold”, “hyped and imposed” and “glorified and infused”; for “stress management or stress relaxation”; such as meditation techniques, rituals, equipments, commodities etc.; are subjective, escapist, sectarian, ad hoc, superficial and neglect or ridicule the above mentioned aspects of Total Stress Management and hence; in the presence of NAMASMARAN they can be temporarily beneficial (palliative symptomatic) and in the absence of NAMASMARAN, the prove to be either counterproductive or useless!