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Stress orgasm and maya dr. shriniwas kashalikar

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Stress orgasm and maya dr. shriniwas kashalikar

  2. 2. Some people might have thought it queer to coin the term “cerebral orgasm”! But I coined the term! The explanation of this term is given in my article entitled “Cerebral Orgasm”. Here it is necessary to indicate that sexual orgasm; is inbuilt need of the organism! Through timely growth and maturation of an individual, this need gets consciously felt as urgency and motivates for certain behavior. Apart from needs such as survival, food, water, security and later on emotional, intellectual and social needs; this need orgasm substantially determines the human and the civilization and the cataclysms in the history. But the need of cerebral orgasm is also inbuilt. But not felt by an individual, as concretely as the need of sexual orgasm! The cerebral orgasm is described
  3. 3. differently by religious and spiritual traditions of yoga, hathayoga, bhakti etc. Since the need of “sexual orgasm” is commonly and concretely felt but the need of “cerebral orgasm” is not felt by most people the stress produced by the sexual deprivation is easily understood and appreciated, but the stress produced by the deprivation of “cerebral orgasm” is not felt by a large majority. Like the sexual orgasm, where the excitement is predominantly pelvic the ecstasy in “cerebral orgasm” is in the head! Just as one temporarily ‘forgets’ everything; during the orgasm; one ‘forgets’ but permanently i.e. gets freed from the stupefying influence of the internal and external environment i.e. MAYA; during “cerebral orgasm”.
  4. 4. The characteristic of “cerebral orgasm” is that it is far more intense, durable and casts wide spread “freeing and blossoming” influence, thus helping millions; in managing the stress, they are not aware of! The readers, can verify whether the various spiritual penances, techniques of meditation, religious rituals, ways of worship, ethical codes etc and the universal practice of NAMASMARAN culminate in “cerebral orgasm” and “freedom” from MAYA; or no!