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RadioVozip English Version

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Radio over IP. ROIP, Hytera. Asterisk . Vocality

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RadioVozip English Version

  1. 1. Alberto Sagredo Castro RadioVozIP @albersag @voipnovatos www.voipnovatos.es
  2. 2. ¿Why Radio? ❖ It is the first system that humans created to communicate between large distances without using pidgeons. ❖ Communication media fast and no delay. ❖ Mobile phones has not killed Radio yet :) . ❖ TV also could not kill Radio. TV did not kill the radio star www.voipnovatos.es
  3. 3. Radio Systems Benefits ❖ No cables needed. ❖ We could cover large distances. ❖ Less cost that cable solutions. ❖ Faster deployments ❖ Better way to run radio on some scenarios. ❖ Mobile devices and less cost than Radio station. ❖ Ability to increase coverage using repeaters. ❖ Broadcast System. One to many ❖ Ham Radio ❖ Battery duration higher than other “wifi” devices.
  4. 4. Radio Systems disadvantage ❖ What we transmit could be intercepted ❖ Systems are Electromagnetic sensitive ❖ People are worried about waves ❖ Traditional propietary and disconnected systems ❖ Complex integración with other systems ❖ Half Duplex. TX, RX,PTT ❖ Radio spectrum really occupied ❖ Free Bands not available. (Except PMR 446 Mhz) ❖ Traditionally Analog
  5. 5. Digital Radio Systems ❖ Radio has now digital systems, lot of modulations : GMSK, TDMA, FDMA, OFDM, 4-FSK, … ❖ Lots of standars: TETRA, P25, DPMR, DMR, DSTAR, NXDN, … ❖ When we think about Voice over IP not only think in SIP protocol. Its not the “swiss army knife” for everything. www.voipnovatos.es
  6. 6. Digital Radio tendency ❖ Hardware is not the clue > Software Defined Radio ❖ RTL-SDR (Opensource project to get lot of features from a DTT usb. ❖ HackRF ( Kickstart HW / SW platform to Gigahertzs! ) ❖ DMR ❖ DSTAR used by ham radio operators ❖ DSTAR/DMR Hotspots with AMBE 2200 / 3000 (DVMEGA)
  7. 7. Hotspots ❖ When there is no repeater coverage the solution is to run a local personal hotspot. ❖ Several options: DVMEGA, DVAP, DVRPTR. ❖ Cheap and interesting alternative I could be connected when power and internet connection is available. ❖ Raspberry pi images to flash and run. www.voipnovatos.es
  8. 8. DMR ❖ ETSI standar for personal digital radio. ❖ Analog radio systems evolution. ❖ Better spectrum efficency (6.25 Khz instead 12,5 Khz). ❖ ISDN of radio ( 2 communications when one before). ❖ Better Signal to Noise ❖ DTT on radio ( You could hear or not.. no noisy comms :) ❖ TDMA ❖ Encryption. Information protection ❖ More Battery duration ❖ Several levels. ❖ TIER 1 : dPMR (446 Mhz) ❖ TIER 2 : DMR (66- 960 Mhz) Typical ❖ TIER 3 : Trunking. Full Duplex. Data applications
  9. 9. D-STAR ❖ Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio ❖ FDMA & GMSK. ❖ Protocolo made by JARL (“Spanish joke here :)” ) ❖ “Controlled” by radio manufacturer ICOM. ❖ System with large deployments (almost a decade on production) ❖ Earth Network interconnections Reflectors, Gateways, Repeaters ❖ Opensource projects to be connected to the network. G4KLX (Dstarrepeater, ircddbgateway) ❖ Low data transmission (1200 bps). ❖ Open Hardware. DVRPTR, DVMEGA GMSK, Dutch Star and more…
  10. 10. Voice over IP Radio networks ❖ Ham radio operador uses Echolink network. Several opensource projects to connect to it. (Thelinkbox, SVXLINK, Asterisk). Network closed to only ham radio legal callsigns. Only voice. ❖ Some other networks used in USA( Allstar, IRLP, EchoIRLP) that uses Asterisk to interconnect ❖ Dplus, ircddb Networks ❖ DMR-SPAIN , DMR-MARC ❖ Im real world digital and most used network for Police, firemans etc.. is TETRAPOL. Closed Network encrypted, secure and not cheap. ❖ Come local councils take part of this network but it has high mantainment cost s (> 60000 euros anuales) are making DMR networks interesting. (http://www.santapola.es/ perfilcontratante/licitaciones/plan-e2/sum-2010-02-ptecnicas-criterios.pdf) ❖ Any network we could create as personal use.
  11. 11. Manufacturers ❖ DSTAR world has only one manufacturer (ICOM). Its a ha radio network, not to be used by professional radio . We could convert any transceiver to DSTAR using AMBE coces and GMSK modems. ❖ In professional world we have several brands , Kendwood, Yaesu, Motorola (MOTOTRBO), Hytera. ❖ Motorola most used in USA . Hytera (China) with European headquarters (German) mostly used in european market. ❖ They are interoperatble. ETSI estandar. Some features are not compatible.Hytera radios more ETSI compatible
  12. 12. Ham Radio operators ❖ Strange people that covers houses with antennas. ❖ Restless minds that want to communicate with martians ❖ Worried about some earth atmosphere layers ❖ Professionals with same hobbie ❖ Lot of ha radio operador in countries where communication networks are not common. www.voipnovatos.es
  13. 13. Integration ❖ If we use a proprietary system we would have APIs to do it. ❖ We could always take analog “local loop” to play with. ❖ Radio trasceivers used in base or repeaters usual have integración port with several out porta we could use.
  14. 14. Signals needed ❖ We would need at least this signals ❖ Speaker ❖ Microphone ❖ Squelch ❖ PTT
  15. 15. Voip translation ❖ Look for other options. Voip is not SIP or IAX. ❖ So many tools to transmit voice over IP paths. ❖ Multicast, Unicast . ❖ Lot of pensource projects we could use. MAST, SVXLINK, Asterisk(app_rpt, chan_oss,jack_audio..) ❖ On first slide, if you have been reading, radio is fast, Multicast is a “MUST”.
  16. 16. Radio without Asterisk ❖ Asterisk is good as protocol converter. ❖ If we do not have any compatible device with app_rtp we have to think about other options (Signalink USB, Rigexpert). ❖ Let Asterisk speaks SIP and use Multicast, Unicast using a device -> Vocality ❖ Freeswitch ❖ HackRF (Interesting ) ❖ SVXLINK ❖ IP DECT PTT (Polycom Propietary)
  17. 17. Radio with Asterisk ❖ Echolink support for Asterisk(echolink.conf) ❖ app_rpt But only compatible with interfaces (CM108 (http:// images.ohnosec.org/usbfob.pdf) , URI (http://dmkeng.com)) ❖ Centos recommended, more test and projects to run with it than Debian. ❖ DTMF used to interact with radio world and phone world. ❖ We always have chan_alsa (no sólo sirve para el console dial), y cmd_jack (https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/ Asterisk+12+Application_JACK).
  18. 18. CM108 ❖ USB device that cost only one euro.Chipset with Epoxy that does not help to handle and solder components. ❖ app_rpt compatible ❖ You could build a controller by yourself but you have to be patient. www.voipnovatos.es
  19. 19. URI ❖ Interface with CM108 build and ready to be used. ❖ About 100 $ ❖ app_rpt compatible ❖ “Same” than USB FOB but if you do not have so much time its the solution. ❖ If you need a cable, you can build it or buy at uricables.com www.voipnovatos.es
  20. 20. Vocality ❖ Easy way ❖ Strong Device with large experience to radio interconnection. ❖ No so cheap. But works really good ❖ You can translate SIP, Multicast RTP, Unicast andVocality-Vocality link. ❖ Web and telnet interface. ❖ Military oriented. Encryption. www.voipnovatos.es
  21. 21. Vocality ❖ PTT activated by voice detection ❖ PTT activated by DTMF ❖ Full Duplex or Half Duplex ❖ Bandwith optimization ❖ Silence supression ❖ From 2 to 64 ROIP channels ❖ Multicast. Unicast www.voipnovatos.es
  23. 23. Demo I Vocality-SIP-Asterisk ❖ In this demo we show radio interconection between DMR (Hytera MD 785G) and Asterisk. ❖ We make a call on radio side, and i receive a call on SIP side. We need to use DTMF codes. ❖ We make a call to vocality sip extension and to change between RX ant TX we would use DTMF or voice detection.
  24. 24. Demo II Vocality-Multicast ❖ In this demo we show radio interconection between DMR (Hytera MD 785G) and Multicast Platform. ❖ We make a radio call and we receive it on Phone attending to multicast address. Asterisk not capable to receive multicast. ❖ If we send to vocality multicast IP we are able to transmit to radio.G711 used. ❖ Fast , clean and effective. I love it :)
  25. 25. Other options ❖ PSTN gateway for Radio. ❖ Hall Duplex ❖ Could records radio calls ❖ Ear radio on other location ❖ Many more… www.voipnovatos.es
  26. 26. RTL_SDR ❖ Universal. ❖ Cheap ❖ “Simple” ❖ Only for RX ❖ Tx with HACKRF or similar hw ❖ Not physical connection between radio and gateway ❖ Able to decode DMR or DSTAR with DSD software ❖ ADS-B www.voipnovatos.es
  27. 27. More options ❖ Use RTL-SDR to receive and use GPIO on raspberry to TX (http:// www.icrobotics.co.uk/ wiki/index.php/ Turning_the_Raspberry_ Pi_Into_an_FM_Transmit ter) ). www.voipnovatos.es
  28. 28. Signalink USB ❖ Intentared Sound card for any radio brand.“RJ45” cable with configurable pinout (http:// www.tigertronics.com/ sl_wirebm.htm) ❖ In linux USB sound card is shown. ❖ In asterisk we could integrate with salsa (chan_console) or JACK Audio. ❖ PTT control is made by device. ❖ If i play , signaling TX and PTT activated. Be careful with Mute function on phone. www.voipnovatos.es
  29. 29. Signalink USB con Asterisk ❖ exten => _1XXX,1,Answer() ❖ exten => _1XXX,n,Set(CONFBRIDGE(user,admin)=yes) ❖ exten => _1XXX,n,Set(CONFBRIDGE(user,marked)=yes) ❖ exten => _1XXX,n,Set(CONFBRIDGE(user,startmuted)=no) ❖ exten => _1XXX,n,Set(CONFBRIDGE(bridge,record_conference)=yes) ❖ exten => _1XXX,n,ConfBridge(1000,test_bridge,test_user,test_user_menu) ❖ exten => _1XXX,n,Hangup()
  30. 30. Signalink USB con Asterisk ❖ #!/bin/sh ❖ asterisk -rx "console dial radio@extensiones” ❖ cat > /home/pi/888.call <<EOF ❖ Channel: Local/888@extensiones ❖ MaxRetries: 2 ❖ RetryTime: 60 ❖ WaitTime: 30 ❖ Context: extensiones ❖ Extension: 888_ice ❖ Priority: 1 ❖ EOF ❖ mv /home/pi/888.call /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing
  31. 31. Rigexpert USB ❖ USB Radio Transceive with DB25 pinout (http:// www.rigexpert.com/index? f=making_cables) ❖ Several devices. Not Only USB audio. PTT control ❖ In Asterisk we could use ALSA (chan_console) or JACK Audio. ❖ To TX , open serial port. ❖ I would need some application maps to handle TX and RX. (features.conf) www.voipnovatos.es
  32. 32. RigExpert USB - Asterisk ❖ [applicationmap] ❖ transmitir=> 88,peer,System,sh /root/tx.sh ❖ We could use some GPIO ports in Raspberry. ❖ Problems found. If i TX to be able to RX, had to close call.
  33. 33. Mumble Server ❖ Gamers use servers with low audio latency and rooms where all participants can ear and talk. ❖ Mumble allows that and we would use mumble server as central server and mumble client for mobile devices. PTT is done by Signaling device, so we do not care about this. www.voipnovatos.es
  35. 35. Demo III: RadioVoip con Mumble ❖ In this demo i show a mueble server and sigilan installation. ❖ If anyone wants to connect to mumble server with its mobile phone you are able to do. ❖ Hytera radio is conecten to mumble server using signalink. If anyone speaks audio is sent to radio. ❖ We cold mute some user to do not allow them to speak to radio.
  36. 36. VLC multicast ❖ We could use VLC to transmit multicast ❖ Also if we receive multicast on some address we play back to radio (TX on radio) ❖ If we have audio signaling has PTT activated so not be able to RX. www.voipnovatos.es
  37. 37. VLC ❖ Options to be used for example in VLC are: ❖ cvlc -vvv alsa://hw:0,0 --sout “#transcode{acodec=ulaw,ab=64,scale=1,channels=1,ar=80 00}:rtp{dst=,port-audio=6666}" ❖ arecord | cvlc stream:///dev/stdin --sout “#transcode{acodec=ulaw,ab=64,scale=1,channels=1,ar=80 00}:rtp{dst=,port-audio=6666}" ❖ cvlc -vvv udp://@ | aplay -D plughw:0,0
  38. 38. Icecast & Darkice ❖ We could use icecast2 as server to have several audio traces. ❖ Darkice will open alsa device and TX icecast server. ❖ Using Raspberry pi you have to compile alsa, lame, ogg-vorbis support. ❖ Link recommend http://www.t3node.com/blog/live-streaming- mp3-audio-with-darkice-and-icecast2-on-raspberry- pi/ ❖ We need to create an darkice.xml file
  39. 39. Icecast y Darkice # see the darkice.cfg man page for details # this section describes general aspects of the live streaming session [general] duration = 0 # duration of encoding, in seconds. 0 means forever bufferSecs = 5 # size of internal slip buffer, in seconds reconnect = yes # reconnect to the server(s) if disconnected # this section describes the audio input that will be streamed [input] device = hw:1,0 # Alsa soundcard device for the audio input sampleRate = 44100 # sample rate in Hz. try 11025, 22050 or 44100 bitsPerSample = 16 # bits per sample. try 16 channel = 1 # channels. 1 = mono, 2 = stereo # this section describes a streaming connection to an IceCast2 server # there may be up to 8 of these sections, named [icecast2-0] ... [icecast2-7] # these can be mixed with [icecast-x] and [shoutcast-x] sections [icecast2-0] bitrateMode = vbr # variable bit rate format = mp3 # format of the stream: mp3 quality = 0.6 # quality of the stream sent to the server server = localhost # host name of the server port = 8000 # port of the IceCast2 server, usually 8000 password = SOURCE_PASSWORD # source password to the IceCast2 server mountPoint = raspi # mount point of this stream on the IceCast2 server name = RasPi # name of the stream description = DarkIce on RasPi # description of the stream url = http://localhost # URL related to the stream genre = my genre # genre of the stream public = no # advertise this stream? localDumpFile = recording.mp3 # Record also to a file
  40. 40. Demo IV: Radio Streaming MADRID ALICANTE INTERNET MÁLAGA
  41. 41. Demo IV: Radio streaming ❖ We will connect to and we will play back radio audio ❖ We could use it for call recording for example using asterisk meetme.
  42. 42. Zello ❖ Well know PTT application. ❖ You can créate private channels freely for 5 users. For more you have to pay ❖ Cloud platform. Only Zello client needed. Only windows software ❖ Mobile application easy to use ❖ For 10 ser 612 $/year www.voipnovatos.es
  43. 43. Thanks ❖ Avanzada 7 S.L for inviting me ❖ Vocality for equipment to be shown on this talk ❖ Luis for STAGSA for help on Hytera DMR Radios ❖ To you for being here this year again :) www.voipnovatos.es
  44. 44. THE END www.voipnovatos.es