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Intro to Content Marketing Consultancy TBC

Welcome to TBC. We offer content creation masterclasses for people who don’t do ‘training’ as well as practical consulting on content strategy and rapid content development. Both are aimed at client/agency thinkers and doers.

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Intro to Content Marketing Consultancy TBC

  1. 1. Introduction to TBC
  2. 2. Jon Burkhart: “The Reactive Content Guy” • Founder of TBC, where he partners with brands and agencies to create relevant content • Creator of the world’s first blog dedicated to real- time/reactive creativity UrgentGenius.com • Co-author of Newsjacking: The Urgent Genius of Real-time Advertising • Consultant to brands and agencies that want to build a bespoke ‘reactive content labs’ • Keynote speaker on content strategy and reactive content at conferences like South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) where he now serves on the advisory board • Creator of Millennial Mentoring, a programme where digital natives mentor CEOs • Ex-agency copywriter & creative director with 15 years experience at Iris, VCCP, AKQA, HHCL, etc
  3. 3. Why hire TBC? In interactive sessions that are part workshop, part hack day, we create films, games, social posts, etc for your brand — all of which are informed by a written content strategy. We get under the skin of real-time and reactive content marketing in a way that suits you and your team. “I was amazed by how much I learned and by how fast we created content…Jon was an inspiration as well as a great educator – he deserves the ‘Urgent Genius’ tagline.” Glasgow-based Planning Director "Learn what’s required to engage in the increasingly demanding world of real-time advertising… from the master of the trade.” London-based Agency MD We offer content creation masterclasses for people who don’t do ‘training’ as well as practical consulting on content strategy and rapid content development. Both are aimed at client/agency thinkers and doers.
  4. 4. Clients
  5. 5. What’s the best way to kick things off with TBC? Meme Battles + Content Cabaret Short Talks + Workshops Round-table Dinner Discussions For years, Jon’s led ‘meme battles” in pubs with agency partners. These sessions are all about keeping folks up-to-date with the latest video and interactive content. Jon often does short talks for agencies and clients. These tend to be in the late afternoon and sometimes feature alcohol. He also turns these talks into half-day workshops. Jon loves to lead clients and agency folk in a lively and often provocative discussion over dinner. He kicks things off with a short talk and then keeps the conversation going for hours.
  6. 6. Featured Content Workshops Newsjacking A workshop inspired by Jon’s book and his experience building creative newsrooms with a focus on the role culture has in branded content WHAT YOU’LL LEAVE WITH: A complete understanding of how to create a content strategy-led approach to reactive content A new process for creating culturally relevant content that earns the trust of customers new and old Content Strategy Influencer Marketing An action-packed workshop where we explore the importance of a written content strategy in creating shareable content WHAT YOU’LL LEAVE WITH: A thorough understanding of content strategy and how it informs the content calendar and production schedule A new process for creating a content mission statement and how it informs a daily content editorial meeting A fast-paced workshop where we analyse the power of influencers and find ways for brands to turn them into advocates WHAT YOU’LL LEAVE WITH: An understanding of how to find influencers and create content for them that they will want to share A list of tools/platforms and how to use them to keep track of potential advocates
  7. 7. Why Jon? He channels unusual levels of curiosity and energy into what’s next to find new ways to solve business problems. His workshops are always fun and often dangerous (hence the helmet) with very clear, practical takeaways. FACT: You’re 9x more likely to remember something you learn through interactive play. As advisor to top tech festival SXSW, Jon’s committed to staying on top of trends for you. He started the world’s first blog on reactive content Urgent Genius in 2010. He’s co-authored two books with his third on the way. It’s about his six-step process to better content.
  8. 8. Recent Press
  9. 9. Workshop Feedback “I’m going to ‘social’ the s**t out of you from now on. Engaging and super- interesting.” TV Producer “The best bit? Vast amounts of information, examples and Jon’s experiences.” CD for a Fortune 100 company “Way beyond my expectations. Great conversation. Fun content-creation activities.” Media agency comms manager “The workshop was genuinely helpful — and I am terribly cynical.” Writer at a TV channel
  10. 10. A bit of background if you’re curious about Jon’s book: It went to print 2 months before Oreo sent that Super Bowl tweet, which kicked off this real- time marketing craze. Ever since, he has helped clients create content strategies guiding them to news stories that are worthy of being newsjacked.
  11. 11. m: 07753 902866 t: @jonburkhart e: jon@theburkhartco.com