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Extreme Problems - Need a solution ?

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(C) Ontonix. If you have major issues and do not know how to solve them call us. Contact: alexander@ontonix.com

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Extreme Problems - Need a solution ?

  1. 1. Extreme Problems Ontonix S.r.l. Piazza G. Mazzini 2, 22100 Como, Italy, www.ontonix.com All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced in any form without the written consent of Ontonix. Solving Today’s Extreme Problems Extreme problems are very large-scale multi-disciplinary problems, involving thousands of variables and which cannot be solved using conventional technology. In such situations, it is impossible to determine the cause of the problem not only because of its sheer size but, most importantly, because it is frequently perceived through conventional methodologies. Every large corporation today is facing an extreme problem. Causes can come from within the organization or from the outside world. In both cases, complexity is often the culprit. Examples of extreme problems:  Unexpected collapses of critical systems or infrastructures (markets, corporations, transportation systems, ICT networks, etc.)  Prolonged states of crisis, inefficiency or frequent system failures (process plants, transportation systems, ICT networks, etc.) Clearly, extreme problems cause extreme consequences and losses, not just of money but also in terms of reputation. Ontonix uses its QCM (Quantitative Complexity Management) technology and supercomputers when solving extreme problems. When Ontonix takes on an Extreme Problem, the following scheme is followed:  The client and Ontonix analyze the problem together.  Data relevant to the problem is gathered.  Ontonix employs its best efforts to solve the problem.  In case of loss reduction, a percentage of the gains are paid to Ontonix. If you wish to discuss with us your extreme problem, write to info@ontonix.com.