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HR Administration Software on SharePoint


Lanteria HR Admin enables tracking the employee and company files and managing the HR processes and workflows.
The key features are:

A storage for employee and corporate documents
A tracker of missing and expiring documents
Onboarding and Off-boarding that are automated
Designer of HR processes and approval workflows
Reporting on various HR data

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HR Administration Software on SharePoint

  1. 1. Get more from your SharePoint… Lanteria EffectiveStaff HR Administration Module The HR Administration Module is a collaborative environment that enables tracking the employee and company documents, managing the HR processes, probation reviews and approval requests. Features:  Structured HR Processes  HR Documents storage  Organized on-boarding and off-boarding  Collaborative environment  Automated reminders and email notifications  Available Hosted or On-Premise  SharePoint based  Comprehensive HR Reports User Roles HR Pro Manager Employee
  2. 2. Get more for your SharePoint… Get more from your SharePoint… The HR manager is the most “powerful” user in the module with an access to all its functions. He manages the entire HR processes, employee documents, company documents, generates reports and so on. The Manager uses the module to manage the entire documents, certificates and probation reviews in his team.
  3. 3. Get more for your SharePoint… Get more from your SharePoint… The Employee has an access to his HR process actions, probation reviews, approval requests and documents. Technical Description  Lanteria HR Administration module is a SharePoint based application  Easy integration with popular third-party systems via XML, SharePoint API, BCS, Web Services  High integration with MS Office Additional Services  System deployment and implementation  Customization and developing the additional functionality  Custom application development About Us Lanteria is the world’s leader in developing HR software for SharePoint. We deliver the high-quality solutions that help our customers to improve the efficiency of their business. Mission: Provide software solutions that help the companies to improve workforce performance and business efficiency. www.lanteria.com info@lanteria.com