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Enjoying Opera for the First Time

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Initially, it was known as the Theatre Royal. ROH is home to the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, The Royal Ballet and The Royal Opera, and has served as the playhouse for many acts since its construction in 1732.

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Enjoying Opera for the First Time

  1. 1. ROYAL OPERA HOUSE ALI SEYTANPIR Classical Music/Opera
  2. 2. 2 Enjoying Opera for the First Time ALI SEYTANPIR CHARITY Royal Opera House Opera as an art form is something that is enjoyed by many people around the world. If you’re not one of them but would like to give it a try, it’s important to have an open mind. Escaping any prejudice you might have about opera is probably the trickiest part, but once you’ve committed to it, you should be halfway there towards enjoying the experience.
  3. 3. 3 ALI SEYTANPIR CHARITY Royal Opera House Ticket Costs There’s no escaping the fact that opera tickets aren’t cheap. For many theatres, having a full orchestra, designer, set, director and producer is quite the cost, and that’s not factoring in the fees for bringing in international superstars. However, there are regular ticket deals that might provide you with cheaper seats. Dress Code While you might feel underdressed showing up in jeans thanks to all the movie scenes that depict smartly dressed individuals attending the opera, most opera houses don’t enforce dress codes. So feel free to dress up or down. Making the Most of It You’ll have the best chance of enjoying the opera experience if you see the best performance on offer. If you were taking someone to enjoy their first soccer match, you wouldn’t take them to see the preliminary rounds of the League Cup. Make your first experience a memorable one.
  4. 4. To learn more about this topic, visit Ali Seytanpir’s blog.