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Sufi Spiritual Healing
Sufi Spiritual Healing
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Sufi psychotherapy



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Sufi psychotherapy

  1. 1. Sufi Psychotherapies Prepared By; Ali
  2. 2. Pillars of Sufism • FANA; The doctrine of passing away or merging with God (Fana) is a central issue in the structure of Sufi theory • TAWAKKUL: Trust in God • YAKIN: Faith in God • FIKR: This refers to reflection and contemplation on the Truth • SHUKR: Thankfulness • MURSHID & MUREED: Concept of a spiritual teacher (Murshid) & the disciple (Mureed) • ZIKR: Remembrance through repetition of God's name • Zikr is done silently (khafi) or loudly (jali)
  3. 3. During Zikr concentration is aimed at 6 subtle points in the body. • Nafs(lowersoul) • Qalb (heart): located at the left side, just below the heart, the colour of the nur is yellow • Ruh (spirit): the location is at the right side, a little below the breast; the colour of the nur is red • Sirr (interior of the heart): located just above the Qalb, light generated is said to be white. • Khafi (innermost secret): located just above the point of ruh, and the nur produced is black
  4. 4. Continue • Akhfa : located at the centre of the brain and the colour of the nur is green. • MURAQBA: Constant awareness of God. This term is probably derived from "raqib" or a watchman and refers to the desirability of contemplating the attributed of God or the life hereafter
  5. 5. Sufi Psychotherapies • MURAQBA • Recognizing NAFS • Recognizing QALB • Recognizing GOD • Recognizing path of GOOD and BAD
  6. 6. Some of the illustrious names of Sufi's • Al-Junayed, • Al Ghazzali, • Khwaja Muinuddin Chishti, • Jalaluddin Rumi, • Al Azam Ghoss, • Shah Latif etc
  7. 7. Modern Psychotherapies Psychoanalysis Behavioral therapy Coginitive therapy Interpersonal therapy..
  8. 8. Any Question? Thanks!