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Report 1 year

  1. MSc. Alice Brunazzi Supervisor: Prof. Mario Enrico Pè PhD Programme Agrobiosciences – Genomics and Crop Science Exploiting Wild Wheat Relatives for food security through the identification of genes involved in adaptation to climate change
  2. Scientific context and state of the art Objectives and scientific hypotheses Methods and roadmap Results Outline
  3. Scientific context and state of the art 1. Climate change is one of the most urgent and important challenges of our time 2. We must produce plants able to thrive in new climates, with changing biotic and abiotic pressures Diversity Natural Populations Cultivated Species Elite Cultivars
  4. Scientific context and state of the art 3.92Gb
  5. Objectives and scientific hypotheses Evaluate the genetic variability present in a large collection of T. urartu populations sampled from different regions throughout the Fertile Crescent. • using genotyping- by- sequencing technology for the purposes of discovering and genotyping SNPs molecular • relating environmental data to genetic diversity data through landscape genomics for the discovery of adaptive alleles geographical • in situ and ex situ for the evaluation of T. urartu fitness variation and identifying QTL for favorable characters phenotypical
  6. Methods and roadmap Plant material Plant materials consist of different populations of Triticum urartu L. representing the whole set of collected T. urartu accessions available GIS analysis • DIVA- GIS 7.5 • QGIS 2.4.0 coupled with BioClim Data Field experiment •The first year field experiment is mostly dedicated to seeds multiplication for each accession •Sowed December 2014 at CRIBE Genotyping-by-Sequencing approach Genotyping by sequencing is based on high-throughput next-generation sequencing of genomic subsets targeted by restriction enzymes
  7. Results Collection assembly and field set up Country Number of accessions Armenia 20 Iran 18 Iraq 73 Jordan 6 Lebanon 110 Syria 45 Turkey 136 Unknown 20 428 accessions 68109251
  8. Results Temperature PluviometryAltitude
  9. Results EcoCrop modelling in DIVA-GIS + BioClim data Worldclim 2.5 minutes data (years ~1950-2000, ~5 Km) Temperature Precipitations
  10. Results Genotyping – by – sequencing assess 24 accessions 12h 24°C light / 12h 22°C dark 10 days
  11. Plans for 2015 dic-14 gen-15 feb-15 mar-15 apr-15 mag-15 giu-15 lug-15 ago-15 set-15 ott-15 nov-15 dic-15 Sowing Harvest Landscape genomics analysis 1° Semester 2° Semester A.Y. 2014/2015 Phenotypic characterization Seed characterization GBS Protocol testing Molecular characterization (GBS)
  12. • Experimental Methodology in Agrobiosciences (3 CFU) • Principles of Agrobiodiversity* (4 CFU) • Agronomy*(3 CFU) • Introduction to Bioinformatics* (2 CFU) • German Language (Basic level)* (2 CFU) • Complements of Genetic* (2 CFU)  17/02/2014 Seminar - Proteomic Analysis with SELDI-TOFCIPHERGEN/BIORAD Platform: Current Prospects. (4h)  27/02/2014 Seminar - Exploring the molecular mechanism of flooding survival strategy. (1h)  05/03/2014 Workshop - Next Generation Biology: approaches for genome-wide analysis. (8h)  18/04/2014 Seminar – Poplar and willow: from stress physiology to phytoremediation applications. (2h)  08/05/2014 Seminar- Cereal production: a new direction? (2h)  16/05/2014 Workshop – OGM, dalla realtà del laboratorio all’immaginario collettivo. (4h)  29/05/2014 Seminars – Past and present of Einkorn wheat (Triticum monococcum) - Geographic distribution and domestication of wild Emmer wheat (Triticum dicoccoides). (2h)  18/06/2014 Workshop - Nutraceuticals in plants and functional foods. (4h)  24 to 19/09/2014 Congress - FISV Congress (24h)  20/10/2014 Workshop - Bioinformaticha 3 (8h)  07/11/2014 Workshop - Biology in Space: challenges and opportunities. (8h)  13/11/2014 Seminar - Which seed systems can support adaptation to climate change? (1h) Expo-School: Agricoltura e Alimentazione (40h) 7 April – 11 April, 2014 at Laboratorio EXPO 2015 Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli – Via Romagnosi 3, Milan (I) e-alimentazione Final Grade of examination: Idoneo Summer-School: Plant Molecular Breeding to Meet the Challenges of Climate Change (80h) 7 July - 18 July, 2014 at BOKU University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Campus Tulln (A) Final Grade of examination: A (Excellent)