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Question 1

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Question 1

  1. 1. In what ways does your mediaproduct use develop or challengeforms and conventions of realmedia products?
  2. 2. Music VideoWhen creating our media products we took a lot of influence from the substantial amount of research we carried out into the indie genre and bands which feature within this. We analysed their products and established a range of codes and convections which they all used to fit in with the genre specifics. Using these codes and conventions we planned and created accordingly for each of out products included in the promotional package. As we stuck quite strongly to our planning and initial ideas on the completion of our products we expect the codes and conventions used within our work in some cases reflect those featured in real media products.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJs69CU-9yUOverall our video follows many of the conventions which appeared from the music videos from the indie genre this specifically includes the locations we chose to film and feature throughout. In our planning we referred to our research and found areas around York that would be suitable for us to film but also relate to the genre conventions.
  3. 3. Locations When researching we found that Bombay Bicycle Club’s videos feature a large range of location shots. In our video we have also carried this convention through including a variety of shots in different locations. In their video Shuffle the band use a range ofThe Band use shots of streets in a city area capturing fast paced shots simply of the locations theythe reality of everyday life within them and not appear to be in this includes housing estatesadapting it for their own purpose. These naturalistic which could to the audience add a sense ofshots are something we used in our video capturing personality. This is something we used taking aour own shots which reveal similar day to day life. location shot which matches the narrative
  4. 4. In Bombay Bicycle Club’s video Always like This they incorporate shotsof more vacant areas rather than focusing solely on built up we usedthis and filmed our character walking through an unoccupied woodareas this links to the narrative of the main character as it representsthe vacancy of thoughts in the characters head as goes on his journey
  5. 5. Performance ElementOur video does not include any live performances or cutaway shots of the band performingseparately from the video we have included a performance element as part of the narrative andeach character as a member of the band. This element challenges the conventions of many realmusic videos which commonly include separate performance and narrative like that featured inBombay Bicycle Club’s video Shuffle.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDuif301F-8&feature=relmfuHowever the indie genre music videos we researched had a range of different styles includingwholly performance or narrative therefore we decided to add combine the two In the Bands videos they commonly Our video doesnt use this convention perform as a group in a staged instead we decided to put a twist on this performance always using their and have each busker (band member) instruments. performing separately in a naturalistic style staged performance to coincide with the narrative.
  6. 6. In the video Shuffle the bandfeature both staged performancesthroughout the ain of the videohowever some shots are of thebands live performances at a gig.This is a convention which wechallenged , by not using anynaturalistic performing shots.
  7. 7. Narrative structure Many of Bombay Bicycle Clubs Videos dont follow a particular narrative in favour for more realistic ‘home video’ shots featuring the band performing or on a journey. This is something we wanted to interpret in our own way and because of this use a band member as the main character and showed his personal journey which is concluded by the forming of the band and him finding his place. This narrative structure both challenges and plays up to the structure of narrative in indie genre videos as it follows the band member on a journey like that featured in their video Shuffle but uses a narrative to portray this journey.Their videoShuffle featuresthe bands literalpersonal journeyform what couldbe their tour. Our video challenges this as we have created a narrative for the band to be included in
  8. 8. CostumesThe image of the band one of the most important factorsi relation to the genre. In our video we were re creatingthe band Bombay Bicycle Club through our owncharacters. In order to relate to the audience they have tofit the image of an indie band they way they dress is a keyfactor.The costumes worn are all casual vintage style clothes allof which use de-saturated naturalistic colours these fit inwith the clothes worn by the band and are likely to reflectthe fashion sense specific demographic that the video isaimed at none of them challenge genre conventions butsimply follow them to create the correct image for theband.
  9. 9. DigipakWhen creating our Digipak we followed a lot of the conventions included in the album covers which we had analysed as part of our research. In order to create a final product which looked professional whilst also appealing to the specific audience we had researched.
  10. 10. PhotographyWhen we researched the album covers for Bombay Bicycle Club we found that Although Bombay bicycle the majority of their album covers club use hand drawn used hand drawn artwork as a artwork they usually use preference to photographs our use of one iconic piece of photographs therefore challenges this imagery creating and convention. However some of the overall simplistic cover. other covers we researched within the indie genre including Mumford and Sons Included photograph of the band in relation to the video.We decided to create a sense of intertextuality with the rest of our products (whilst also following some conventions) and use photographs as The photograph part of the digipak design. We used an depicts upon many iconic shot for the front cover this genre features in close up heavily draws upon indie relation to mise en genre conventions such as the style of scene such as shoe and the warm tint we applied to costume and the photo in post production. location
  11. 11. FontWe used two different fontsfor our digipak both of whichwere san serif style fonts.The name of the band‘Bombay Bicycle Club’ wasset in a box style logo whichappeared on two of theBand’s previous albumcovers. We followed thisconvention as it is easilyrelatable for the audiencewho will be able to identifyit. We used Photoshop toreplicate the logo, using ourown colours to fit in with outphotographs and the colourscheme of the text. The font used for the song list was a san serif font to keep the appearance of the back cover as minimalistic and simple as possible as this is a reoccurring convention we found from our research.
  12. 12. Colour schemeThe colour scheme of our digipak draws heavily on conventions of the indie genre as we have used a lot of brows and de-saturated colours to give a vintage feel to it. We have also played around with the saturation of the photographs to create the desired effect which Changing the saturation of the photographs fits in with the warm vintage gives a warm look to it like that used in the colours. To further develop this bands previous album artwork convention we have used textured paper on two areas of the digipak which would otherwise be white. The colour and appearance reinforces the vintage theme as it looks worn fitting in with the rest of the media text. Although some on the bands previous album work use block colours for the background which influences the overall colour scheme we have developed this convention by using a textured paper effect .
  13. 13. Promotional Print AdvertThe overall composition of our magazine advert has been influenced by those of the indie genre and therefore uses conventions similar to those.We found that the name of the band is usually positioned at the very top of the page in the largest font usually followed by the single/ album name of which the band are promoting as these are the two most significant pieces of information.Beneath there is commonly extra information about the album however some Bombay Bicycle Club posters are very minimalistic and do not feature this text.Many of the adverts feature a photograph of the band further down the page this is a convention we have used.
  14. 14. PhotographyFrom out research we have found the majority of posters from the indie genre feature a photograph of the band themselves posing together in an iconic setting creating a sense of unity between Changing the saturation the band members. We used this crates a warm vintage effect convention by taking a photograph of the band together with their instruments, this convention allows the audience to instantly identify the band but it also to re Including a -introduces them to fans. photograph ofUsing Photoshop we changed the saturation the whole of the photograph to create a more band vintage look therefore fitting in with the reinforces the genre. sense of unity between them