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Developer + tester = quality++

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With Agile adoption many things have changed in quality assurance and tester role. Ourdays the whole team is responsible for product quality. But not so many people understand how such high level approaches work in practice, how developer interacts with tester, what stages each task passes on the way from requirements specification to customer acceptance, who is doing what at each stage.

I have met only few teams, where developer and tester work closely together on a daily basis. Some projects try to same money on developer's time, others try to have independent testing team without influence from developers side. Developers also don't understad how tester could help them in practice. But this pair is able to significantly improve product quality and avoid many common issues.

In this talk we will cover motivation behind pair work of develoeper and tester, concrete practices and approaches at different stages, and advantages that both sides could achieve from such work style.

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Developer + tester = quality++

  1. 1. Developer + Tester = Quality++ Mikalai Alimenkou @xpinjection http://xpinjection.com
  2. 2. Developer + Tester: customer view
  3. 3. Developer + Tester: customer viewReality is not always so positive
  4. 4. Some cases are even worse…
  5. 5. On many projects they are even separated
  6. 6. So, many scary/funny stories exist…
  7. 7. I have tested your code for whole night, Carl! And found 15 major defects. In 50 line of code, Carl!
  8. 8. Historical reason is Quality Control
  9. 9. But we need Development Velocity and Quality instead!
  10. 10. Practice #1. Team Planning
  11. 11. Key ingredients of efficiency #1. Different points of view on the same task, common vision #2. Questions from quality and testing perspectives #3. Team estimation to include all aspects (dev, testing, review, NFRs, regression, demo) #4. Clear acceptance criteria for everybody #5. Reduce optimism of developers
  12. 12. Practice #2. Test cases review
  13. 13. Key ingredients of efficiency #1. Same understanding of functionality to be implemented #2. Developer gets edge cases, reducing chance of defects #3. Split testing activities, decide test types and levels #4. Developer suggests automation options or better autotests design #5. Developer gets ready scenarios and data for low level tests
  14. 14. Practice #3. Pair design session
  15. 15. Key ingredients of efficiency #1. Testability could be built in to simplify testing #2. Decide implementation order for early testing #3. Find ways how to start test automation early #4. Discuss integration with external systems and potential issues #5. Review edge cases and functional reuse of existing code
  16. 16. Practice #4. Intermediate demo
  17. 17. Key ingredients of efficiency #1. Bring true sense of implementation progress #2. Early detection of defects, potential issues and bad requirements #3. Verify common understanding of functionality #4. Lightweight defects communication #5. Harder to hide idleness and procrastination
  18. 18. Practice #5. Code review
  19. 19. Key ingredients of efficiency #1. Developer verify autotests design and maintainability #2. Developer suggests tools, libraries and frameworks #3. Tester learns best practices and improves coding skills #4. Developer understands autotests better and relies on them #5. Developer finds ways to simplify tests improving testability
  20. 20. Practice #6. Pair testing session
  21. 21. Key ingredients of efficiency #1. Developer sees how system is used in practice and is it usable #2. Common vision on the system reduce time on defect proving #3. Common responsibility for quality #4. Agree on suitable defect report format and how to find details #5. Tester demonstrate tools to simplify local checks
  22. 22. Practice #7. Pair demo
  23. 23. Key ingredients of efficiency #1. Both developer and tester could demo new features #2. Responsibility causes more focus on quality #3. Both improve communication skills #4. Demo works not only on developer’s machine #5. Demo is prepared even if developer is overloaded
  24. 24. Success is always in team work
  25. 25. @xpinjection http://xpinjection.com mikalai.alimenkou@xpinjection.com