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Quality label nottingham

  1. A very special day at the Nottingham eTwinning conference
  2. We would like to invite both Jacob and Yasmin to attend the conference as they have participated in the project ‘Arrugas’ which has recently been recognised as an outstanding project and awarding an eTwinning Quality Label. As both Jacob and Yasmin are featured in a short British Council film about the impact of this project we would warmly welcome them to attend the premier of the A very special invitation arr
  3. ‘Nervous but confident’ Yasmin and Jacob, await to the start of the day @ the Nottingham eTwinning conference.
  4. Florence, from eTwinning UK presented the price
  5. A very special m
  6. Althea Warner, from the DfE presented the plaques.
  7. Arrugas received a National Award in the weekend of the 22nd of June the UK annual conference. Only 12 awards are given out a year so this is an outstanding achievement. We were all commended for ‘Intergenerational
  8. Gracias a eTwinning por esta gran oportunidad y por el reconociemnto al esfuerzo de todos los participantes!