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THE INSIDER                                                               have all partied at the club. We   are doing, is...
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Matchbox Magazine: The Insider with Rosemont Group Chairman and Jalouse founder Freddie Achom

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Freddie Achom is the chairman of the Rosemont Group and co-founder of Mayfair members club Jalouse. He is about to launch Calvaldos restaurant in LA with restaurateur Nick Blast. He lives in Hampstead.

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Matchbox Magazine: The Insider with Rosemont Group Chairman and Jalouse founder Freddie Achom

  1. 1. THE INSIDER have all partied at the club. We are doing, is knowledgeable, have over 1,000 members. makes one feel welcomed and of course doesn’t ask for a tip, Describe a typical then I usually do. I encourage Day for you all the staff at Jalouse to give I am up at 8.30am most days the customer an experience and leave home at around even with something as simple 9.30am to go to one of my two as ordering a drink at the bar. offices in central London. I am on the road a lot viewing wHere Do you go to sites as I am involved in land escape tHe crowDs and property development. I in lonDon? almost always lunch with my Hampstead or Primrose Hill. business partners and clients. I live alone so I dine out most wHat is your nights with friends. I try to favourite part attend the club at least once a of tHe Job? week. I am away a lot so this is I am a great motivator and I not always possible but when love getting the best out of I am in town I socialise with people. I like pushing people friends at Jalouse. to achieve what they feel is beyond their ability. Seeing wHat is your people succeed is the best part. favourite bar? The bar at the Connaught wHat’s tHe worst Hotel; the Purple Bar at the part of your Job? Sanderson is the best place for The worst part is hiring and a cocktail. firing. I am very passionate about everything I do and tell us your favourite always seek perfection. Many place to eat? people don’t and I hate that. co-founder, jalouse La Petite Maison in Mayfair. Freddie Achom wHat’s your wHo is your favourite festive favourite celebrity cocktail? member? Any cocktail with Champagne I like most of the well-known in it works for me. I like Krug Freddie Achom How long Have you faces that come to the club, with anything! is the co-founder run Jalouse for? but in terms of meeting and We opened Jalouse in October socialising, more often than wHere will you be of chic Mayfair 2008 and the club is definitely most, I enjoy Leo’s company spenDing cHristmas member’s club, here to stay. We now have a and Mickey’s. They both have tHis year? Jalouse, has homes huge following, not only in a great sense of humour and For the past few years I have the UK but also in France, most of all, [they] are always been spending Christmas and all over the world Monaco, Switzerland and very humble and polite. the new near in Uruguay. It is and enjoys any drink Greece. Jalouse is at the very laid back and is not full providing it is made highest end, in terms of wHo is your of the usual jetsetters and I clubbing and we have a huge fantasy guest? can’t be tempted by too many with Krug – the i n t e rv i e w: M O L L i e M C G U i G A n celebrity following – the likes Gisele Bündchen, for obvious parties! Christmas holidays perfect man to open of Mariah Carey, Leonardo reasons! are a time for me to switch off his little black book DiCaprio, Sienna Miller, Josh my phones and forget about Hartnett, Will.I.am, Geri sHoulD you tip a everything. I will be going for us then… Halliwell, Mickey Rourke, barman? back again this year. Paris Hilton, Philip Green and Yes – if he or she shows Kelly Brook to name a few, enthusiasm for what they ➔ jalouse.co.uk40 December