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Creating a culture of continuous delivery & value

Things to include in a culture of CD & DevOps
Presentation to Unicom DevOps & Microservices Summit, April 2017

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Creating a culture of continuous delivery & value

  1. 1. Creating a culture for Continuous Delivery and Continuous Value Allan Kelly allan@allankelly.net @allankellynet Continuous
  2. 2. When will Tesco be done?
  3. 3. Today’s growth businesses are Digital Business doesn’t end So digital doesn’t end • Digital business is global • Compete with the best
  4. 4. All businesses are digital
  5. 5. All businesses are digital
  6. 6. Competitors are Digital Even if you are not digital your competitors are, or soon will be
  7. 7. The secret of competing digitally is… deliver fast and test in the market “If your not embarrassed by the product when you launch, you’ve launched too late.” Reid Hoffman, founder LinkedIn
  8. 8. The secret of fast delivery is … Small
  9. 9. Milk is cheapest in BIG cartons Software is cheapest in lots of small cartons And small cartons of software reduce risk
  10. 10. Software development has Diseconomies of Scale
  11. 11. Learn to think SMALL SMALL is cheaper SMALL is faster
  12. 12. Culture of SMALL Organize for lots of SMALL Optimize for lots of SMALL
  13. 13. DevOps & Continuous Delivery optimize for small
  14. 14. Agile + DevOps = Continual Delivery Continual Value
  15. 15. Stable Teams No time to build & tear down Align teams with business Business Line Product Service
  16. 16. Devolve & distribute authority
  17. 17. Top down decision making is slow And therefore expensive
  18. 18. Give power to teams doing work • Faster decision making -> More money • Real power -> Motivates • More information -> Better decisions
  19. 19. Tolerate “failure” Experimentation: Quickest way to learn is to do Don’t expect everything to work Fail fast, fail cheap, learn, salvage
  20. 20. Measure Value Governance by performance What have you actually delivered? What value have you created? What have you learned? Active portfolio management
  21. 21. Create a Culture which values… • Digital • Continuous • Think Small • Stable teams • Distributed authority • Experimentation • Fail fast, fail cheap, learn, salvage
  22. 22. Questions? allan kelly - allan@allankelly.net www.allankelly.net Twitter: @allankellynet Continuous Digital https://leanpub.com Xanpan: Team Centric Software Development Little Book of Requirements & User Stories
  23. 23. Images credit • Tesla Model S – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Tesla_Model_S#/media/File:2 016_Tesla_Model_S_90D_hatchback_(27711786302).jpg – Creative Commons License: author jeremyg3030 • Tesco store – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wootton_Tesco_Express_2.JPG – Creative Commons License: author Editor5807 • Casio watch – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Casio_F-91W_digital_watch.jpg – Creative Commons License, author Petar Milošević • Other images are © Allan Kelly or licensed from iStockPhoto