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Culture code v3.0

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Allocadia Culture Code

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Culture code v3.0

  1. 1. V3.0
  2. 2. At Allocadia, we have big goals. In order to accomplish these, we are thoughtful about the team we build and how we all work together. This includes how we work with our customers, partners, community, and any Allocadia stakeholder. Our Culture Code helps us do this.
  3. 3. OUR MISSION Bring confidence to every marketer in the world.
  4. 4. At Allocadia, we #RunMarketing As a team, we… #RunTogether #RunToWin #RunSmart #RunCreatively #RunHealthy
  5. 5. Trust. We’re in it together. We support each other through collaboration, compassion, and mutual respect. We are respectful of our team mates opinions so we can focus and strive toward a common goal. Empathy. We care about each other, our customers and partners, our community, and Allocadia. Empowerment. We are all leaders in our own right. We are all empowered to lead each other to execute. Alignment. We align on clear goals. We are all working with the same purpose and we hold each other accountable. Customers. We always have the customer in mind. They are a part of our team every day and we are a part of theirs.
  6. 6. Responsibility. We understand the tenacity required to win in our market. We take responsibility for delivering quality results. We iterate, launch, and execute often. We act with speed and efficiency and are okay if something isn’t perfect on the first try. Clarity. We consistently align and strive to create win-win situations and outcomes. We seek clarity to define the win. Results. We are proud of what we deliver internally and externally as well as the relationships we build. Courage. We are pro-active, curious and courageous in our day-to- day interactions. Ownership. We own our path. We are responsible for our actions and work product. We stick to timelines, communicate respectively and effectively to others.
  7. 7. Brain Trust. We know our collective strength. We ask for the ball, we know when to shoot and when to pass. Experts. We aim to be experts in what we do by taking responsibility for our own learning. We hone our craft through research, practice, informal and formal training. Data-Driven. We respect data but don’t ignore our gut feeling. Focus. We acknowledge success doesn’t just happen, it’s planned for. We practice discipline and are focused on our journey to success. We operationalize our systems so we can focus on making an impact. Agile. We are agile and flexible in order to solve problems.
  8. 8. Problem Solving. We are ambitious and persevere. We are solution focused and seek out creative ways to get to results. Story-Telling. We craft stories to connect a message to people internally and externally, using past knowledge to show what’s possible. Innovation. We trying new processes/practices and do not accept status quo. We remain open-minded as we learn and attempt big bold ideas. Opportunity Seeking. We find wins. We embrace an entrepreneurial spirit, actively seeking out change, rather than waiting to adapt. We challenge conventions. Risk Taking. We take considered risks without fear of failure. We are not afraid to step outside our comfort zone or fail.
  9. 9. Relationships. We communicate our goals, priorities, victories and challenges to build healthy trusting relationships with each other, our customers, partners, and community. Recognizing people’s lives. We are flexible and accommodating to foster work/life harmony. The families of Allocadians are part of our team. Celebration. We build excitement, bring people together, feel wins broadly and celebrate with pride. Positive mindset. We look forward to what’s next. We don’t complain, we know positivity helps but negativity doesn’t. We re- frame challenges into opportunities Well-being. We take care of ourselves and each other. We encourage healthy habits, following passions, and taking time to disconnect.
  10. 10. #RunHealthy Relationships. Recognizing People’s Lives. Celebration. Positive Mindset. Well- Being. #RunCreatively Problem Solving. Story- Telling. Innovation. Opportunity Seeking. Risk Tasking. #RunTogether Trust. Empathy. Empowerment. Alignment. Customers. #RunToWin Responsibility. Clarity. Results. Courage Ownership. #RunSmart Brain Trusts. Experts. Data- Driven. Focus. Agile.
  11. 11. To support living our values, these are some of the systems and tools we use at Allocadia. Leader/Leader Framework Recognition Programs Flexible Work Options Wellness Programs Ongoing Training Officevibe: Anonymous feedback Leadership Transparency Community Engagement Program Customer Onsites Celebrations: big & small wins Coffee Connections Personal & Professional Goal Setting Team Involved Planning Process Professional Development Budget
  12. 12. We areWe are