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A quick plan to clear JEE 2019 with new strategy

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Read this blog to get the sure-shot ways to crack the JEE 2019 examination with a new and improved perspective.

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A quick plan to clear JEE 2019 with new strategy

  1. 1. 1 Do you know there is a Sure Shot plan to Clear JEE 2019 Successfully? According to the new announcement by MHRD, the formation of National Testing Agency (NTA), JEE will be held twice a year. This has caused panic and tension among students and their parents. They are worried about what strategy to follow, what plan should be made and basically how to study for JEE 2019. Fret not! We know it's natural to get worried, but by taking stress you will not get any benefit. This decision has its own pros and cons. So, at present you just focus on its benefits. About JEE The first exam of JEE will be held in January 2019 and second JEE will be conducted in April 2019. However, your board exams will start from March. So technically you should aim to complete your preparation by mid or last week of October even in the coming years. Now that you have some information about the exam, let us now understand the strategy you need to follow to crack this examination.  Don’t procrastinate - Foremost, stop procrastinating. Keep your preparation ON; don’t miss a single day. Make sure you revise the topic the same day it is taught to you; try solving related questions/problems to gauge your understanding. Most importantly, rather than solving a bundle of books try to refer only 2-3 books. As referring to many books and lead to confusion and stress.  Test your preparation - Only studying is not important. You need put your knowledge to test to actually know whether you have understood that topic or not. For this, you should solve past year question papers and take up JEE Online Mock test. Wherever you are stuck or whichever questions you were not able to solve, rework on it. That will strengthen your base. At the same time you need to get complete clarity on the areas you are good at.  Health plus study - One should ideally do a good 5-6 hours of studying on a daily basis to sail through JEE. Having said that, you should also take care of your health. Take small study breaks in between your preparation. Sleep on time, eat healthy food, drink lots of water and exercise daily. A healthy body always supports your mind. So, stay fit is the mantra.  Always have a strategy - Without a proper plan you will surely stuck somewhere in between. When you don’t know how much time to give to which topic, you will end up stressing your mind by feeding it with all at one time. Therefore, create a well-planned, comprehensive and practically usable study plan for yourself. Remember, only the pattern has changed, but your preparation has to be same - strong and result- oriented. It should not be the reason behind your stress, use it as your strength. All the best!