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OPSEC Secure Social Networking Tips

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Guide to more secure social networking

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OPSEC Secure Social Networking Tips

  1. 1. Connect online. Stay informed by liking: www.facebook.com/USArmyOPSEC Tips: ✓ Review your privacy settings often. ✓ Learn more about how to select an audience for your posts, how to adjust privacy settings for apps and games and how to edit basic info on your profile and choose who can see it. ✓ Some information is always public, including your name, profile picture and cover photo. ✓ Only accept friend requests from people you know. ✓ Be aware of your family’s social presence. Talk to them about OPSEC and what details they can share socially. ✓ Do not share any U.S. Army information that has not been officially released. ✓ Stay connected with Army OPSEC by liking and sharing our page at www.fb.com/USArmyOPSEC. Select ‘See First’ in the following tab to ensure that you don’t miss any of our posts.