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On psychology

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  1. 1. Group Members: Muhammad.- Uzair Muhammad - Ammar
  2. 2. “Perception refers to the interpretation of what we take in through our senses. In terms of optical illusions this means our eyes.” Simply put, our brains are tricked into seeing something which may or may not be real. http://www.keele.ac.uk/depts/aa/widening/uniworld/webclub/rs/optical.htm
  3. 3.  The Object of Perception: so m e thing s in o ur e nviro nm e nt te nd to attract atte ntio n  Backgrounds and Surroundings o ur surro unding s at the m o m e nt o f pe rce ptio n willaffe ct o ur pe rce ptio ns  The Perceiver we e ach bring uniq ue e xpe rie nce s and pe rso nalpo ints o f vie w to e ach situatio n
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  12. 12. When you look at the top figure, your visual system will organize the elements into a box. The box will reverse, as in the Necker Cube illusion. The elements in the bottom figure have terminations and do not readily group into a box figure that shows reversals http://dragon.uml.edu/psych/box_1.htm l
  13. 13. http://psycharts.com/opt_illus.html
  14. 14. M.C. Escherused complex variations on this illusion to achieve some wonderful effects like showing representations of people walking in opposite directions, both descending. He also joined staircases into an appearance of infinite ascent/descent. http://dragon.uml.edu/psych/stair.html
  15. 15. http://psycharts.com/opt_illus.html Compare the shades of red…
  16. 16. http://psycharts.com/opt_illus.html When you lookat the figure you will see eithera vase ortwo faces. If you continue to look, the figure will appearto shift to the alternative organization
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  26. 26. Perspective is evoked in this image by the pattern, and the lines on the wall which converge on to a common point in the distance. http://www.sapdesignguild.org/resources/optical_illusions/perspective.html & http://www.killsometime.com/illusions/Optical-Illusion.asp?Illusion-ID=36
  27. 27. THE END