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Anaphalaxis campaign presentation sw

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Anaphalaxis campaign presentation sw

  1. 1. The Anaphylaxis Campaign Gathering Relevant Supply Chain Allergen Data
  2. 2. About QADEX Founded 2005 and grown rapidly from a team of 2 to over 60 Long term commitment to deliver step change improvement in food safety & brand protection Develop web based, managed, software & training systems for the food industry All systems developed with extensive input from food companies 1 2 3 4 5 6 30 developers building new modules & upgrading existing modules Doubling in size each year, process over 20,000 specifications & other documents per month from 10,000 manufacturing sites
  3. 3. Vision Overview QADEX Vision brings every aspect of food safety, quality management systems, compliance, customer complaints and new product development together in one simple dashboard. Modular Scaleable Flexible.
  4. 4. Selected Customers
  5. 5. Setting the scene ✦ Does anyone have expectations for what I cover in this presentation? ✦ How many here have detailed supplier audit questionnaires and/or supplier audits in place? ✦ How many here have detailed specifications in own formats completed by suppliers? ✦ How many here do detailed specifications, taking longer than 1 hour per spec, vs supplier approval reviews?
  6. 6. Some numbers to identify scale of supply chain data gathering ✦ A typical medium sized food business could have: ✦ 300 suppliers ✦ 800 specifications ✦ How many data points could this result in? ✦ Answer
  7. 7. Common challenges ✦ Not enough resources ✦ Resource tied up chasing paper ✦ Inconsistent supplier co-operation ✦ Agents/Traders & Brokers ✦ Gaps in supplier data ✦ Lack of allergen understanding in the supply chain ✦ Trying to do too much with existing paper systems (food safety / allergens / ethical / environmental / customer requirements)
  8. 8. How to define relevant data to gather ✦ Marketing claims ✦ Which allergens (EU14 or EU14 +) ✦ Align SAQs, Audits & Specs ✦ Define logical order ✦ Grade from essential to desirable
  9. 9. How to gather data from your supply chain ✦ Manual using Excel or Word, avoid Word ✦ IT solutions ✦ Resource fully ✦ Separate data gathering from review & approval ✦ 100% compliance on critical data
  10. 10. Analysis & CAPA ✦ If in doubt challenge ✦ Accept no gaps on essential data ✦ Make no assumptions ✦ HACCP ✦ Detailed allergen policy review ✦ Advanced capability analysis ✦ Raise Non Conformances and ensure closure
  11. 11. Risk assessment matrix ✦ Pulls everything together ✦ Must be live ✦ Linked to Finished Product Specs ✦ Linked to Planning ✦ Linked to Site controls
  12. 12. How IT systems can help ✦ Gathering ✦ Analysis & validation ✦ Removing of duplication ✦ Free qualified resources to review & approve rather than chasing data
  13. 13. The Business Case ✦ Attractive ROI compared to manual processes = Cost savings ✦ Brand protection ✦ Reduce risk of product recall ✦ Reduce recall insurance costs ✦ Holy Grail of better systems and cost savings, keeps the number crunchers happy.