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10 tools to become lean and agile

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60-minute presentation on tools that are easy to start with to help you become more Lean and Agile.

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10 tools to become lean and agile

  1. 1. 10 Tools to become more Lean & Agile Andreas Hägglund
  2. 2. Welcome to my house Leadership Respect Flow Visualization ContinousImprovemenet Value
  3. 3. Unevenness 1. Deadline driven development 2. Seasonal effects 3. Absence of synchronization 4. ... Mura … causes muda Trafic Jam
  4. 4. Overburden 1. Lack of prioritization 2. Lack of training 3. Lack of tools 4. Lack of discipline 5. Inefficient process 6. ”Noise” 7. Cluttered workspaces (5s) 8. ... Muri … causes muda
  5. 5. 7 Wastes of Software Development 1. Partially done work 2. Extra Features 3. Relearning 4. Hand-offs 5. Delays 6. Task Switching 7. Defects Muda
  6. 6. Tools
  7. 7. Meet Face to Face Words Intonation Body language Talk Write Draw Interact Efficiency of communication
  8. 8. Daily Stand-Ups 15 Minutes My results My plan My problems
  9. 9. Visualize plan and problem Todo Doing Done Analysis Priority Burndown Cumulative Flow Delivered Value Ris k
  10. 10. Fact based & Regular Retrospectives What can we do better What should we keep doing
  11. 11. Assignment ≠ Commitment => Use Retrospect to Self Organize
  12. 12. Look at the whole Go Shopping Cook Dinner Eat Dinner Do Dishes Wach Movie Go To Sleep Risk: Allergy Outcome: Make it through the night Outcome: Have a good evening Purchasing Phil ”Masterchef” Mike Movieloving Melanie Blind Ben Sleepy Suzy Night-owl Nathan Buy a banana and pay cash Eat Banana Turn off the lights Start VCR Cut Vegetables Start Oven Regulate temperature Eat Sallad Buy ingredients for full meal Optimize purchases Rinse Dish Go to bed Turn off music Set alarm Outcome: Wake rested Outcome: - Improve health - Save money - Be on time Dry dishes
  13. 13. Rough Estimates XL L M S XS
  14. 14. Measure Velocity Velocity = Sum of Estimates The Trend Is Your Friend
  15. 15. The Pomodoro 25 Minutes of pure focus Count how many you can do Learn how much you can do
  16. 16. Be Sustainable After 8 hours you produce more bugs than features
  17. 17. Limit WIP...
  18. 18. ... To go fast!
  19. 19. Real Options Requirements’ value change over time!
  20. 20. Rolling Wave Planning Details Time Feature Feature Problem to solve Problem to solve Problem to solve Vision Work items
  21. 21. Gemba
  22. 22. Shu Ha Ri Shu Ha Ri Follow The Rules Break the Rules Set the Rules
  23. 23. Tools as Thinking patterns Let’s see... Hmmm, Do I have to call it a stand- up meeting and do I have to stand up during our meetings? Maybe, what I want is just to have short meeting with active participants? How can I get that?
  24. 24. Q&A
  25. 25. Andreas Hägglund andreas.hagglund @systemvaruhuset.se Contact Information andreashagglund @ahab1972 slideshare.net/andreashagglund www.kravanalys.se www.systemvaruhuset.se