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Carmichael Fisher Banking & Financial Services

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Carmichael Fisher Banking & Financial Services

  1. 1. Our Solution Banking & Financial Services <br />Middle East<br />
  2. 2. <ul><li>Our Profile
  3. 3. Our Reach
  4. 4. Our Specialists
  5. 5. Our Expertise
  6. 6. History of Success
  7. 7. Our Capability
  8. 8. Our Process / Value Add
  9. 9. Consultant Profiles
  10. 10. Testimonials / Clients</li></ul>Overview<br />
  11. 11. Profile<br /><ul><li>Leading Executive Search firm in the Middle East with a proven track </li></ul>record and reputation for quality, control and commitment to delivery<br /><ul><li>Dedicated Middle East presence for over 4 years
  12. 12. 100% track record
  13. 13. Global partnership network built on a relationships extending decades </li></ul>and spanning all five continents<br /><ul><li>Functional coverage across many recruitment areas in the Middle East </li></ul>with sector specific search specialists in each area<br /><ul><li>Dedicated research function with Regional and International capability</li></li></ul><li>Our Reach<br /><ul><li>Global Office Network
  14. 14. Middle East, London, Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong and </li></ul>Singapore<br /><ul><li>Middle East
  15. 15. 30 Staff - 4 Directors, 15 Consultants, 6 Research Team, 5 </li></ul>Admin Team <br />
  16. 16. Our Specialists<br /><ul><li>Carmichael Fisher have dedicated directors and support teams for each of its Middle East hubs in order to fully understand the local environment and challenges that arise in each geography, to ensure success.</li></li></ul><li>Our Expertise <br />Sector Specialists<br /><ul><li>Private Equity
  17. 17. Corporate Banking
  18. 18. Transactional Banking
  19. 19. Project Finance and Infrastructure
  20. 20. Private Banking
  21. 21. Investment Placement
  22. 22. Insurance
  23. 23. Asset Management
  24. 24. Brokerage
  25. 25. Hedge Funds
  26. 26. Investment Banking
  27. 27. Corporate Finance
  28. 28. Islamic Banking
  29. 29. Retail Financial Services</li></li></ul><li>Our Expertise <br />Functions<br /><ul><li>Risk
  30. 30. Treasury
  31. 31. Operations
  32. 32. Sales and Marketing
  33. 33. Liabilities Sales
  34. 34. Legal
  35. 35. Relationship Management
  36. 36. Corporate Services
  37. 37. Finance
  38. 38. HR
  39. 39. Internal Audit
  40. 40. Technology </li></li></ul><li>History of Success<br />
  41. 41. Our Capability<br /><ul><li>Executive Search – Headhunting
  42. 42. Market Analysis Projects (MAP)
  43. 43. Senior Management and Specialist roles
  44. 44. Comprehensive candidate assessment – biographical / </li></ul>competency interviews and psychometric assessment<br /><ul><li>Outplacement
  45. 45. Clearly defined timescales
  46. 46. True consultancy</li></li></ul><li>Market Analysis Project (MAP)<br /><ul><li>Carmichael Fisher has a strong track record of working closely with several </li></ul>leading financial services firms on high-level MAP’s<br /><ul><li>We deliver accurate, real-time market information on a range of specialist topics </li></ul>from corporate strategy to competitive intelligence<br /><ul><li>Market Analysis Projects (MAPs) are bespoke for each client and each </li></ul>assignment, designed specifically to achieve the aims of the business. Our MAPs <br />have enabled our clients to retain key people, build and maintain competitive <br />advantage and identify efficiencies and revenue opportunities through best <br />practice<br />
  47. 47. Our Process <br />Week One<br /><ul><li>Establish the brief
  48. 48. Confirm the assignment in writing
  49. 49. Establish target sectors, companies and people
  50. 50. Commence Market mapping/research</li></ul>Week Two<br /><ul><li>Continue Market mapping/research
  51. 51. Begin to approach and meet potential candidates
  52. 52. Long list</li></ul>Week Three<br /><ul><li>Second meeting with candidates who are interested
  53. 53. Compile resumes and questions of interested candidates</li></ul>Week Four<br /><ul><li>Shortlist presentation to client
  54. 54. Arrange interviews with client
  55. 55. Arrange second interviews with clients</li></ul>Week Five<br /><ul><li>Arrange references of final shortlisted candidate(s)
  56. 56. Negotiate letter of offer and manage the process
  57. 57. Reject remaining candidates in the process</li></ul>Ongoing<br /><ul><li>Follow up meeting with client and candidate at regular intervals during the first 30,60,90 days of the candidate joining to ensure both parties are comfortable</li></li></ul><li>Our Value Add <br /><ul><li>100% track record
  58. 58. Local Partner with local knowledge
  59. 59. Strong Global, regional and local networks
  60. 60. Tailored, structured approach
  61. 61. Honest & open feedback
  62. 62. Business partner and brand ambassador at all times
  63. 63. Experienced international, industry time served executive search </li></ul>consultants.<br /><ul><li>Dedicated local research team
  64. 64. Outplacement review
  65. 65. Cultural Awareness</li></li></ul><li>Andre started his career with a market leading financial services recruitment firm in<br />London where he focused on placing qualified accountants predominantly from the<br />“Big 4” accounting firms into investment banking, typically into the more technical<br />middle office functions such as Valuations and Modeling, Technical Accounting,<br />Risk Management, Product Control, Tax & Treasury and Audit. After three years<br />Andre was approached to join a boutique infrastructure search firm based in London where he worked on a range of senior finance searches for Tier 1 Investment Banks and Hedge Funds across London and New York, delivering on a number of mandates from VP level upwards. <br />In 2006 Andre helped to establish their Middle East business and successfully<br />delivered on a range of searches within the region whilst being based in London. <br />Andre was approached to join Carmichael Fisher in August 2008 and focuses on<br />senior level positions within finance and banking. Andre career in the region has<br />seen him successfully work on a number of sensitive and high-level searches for CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s and CRO’s. This network has allowed Andre to partner with many of the leading organizations in the Middle East on senior management and board level appointments.<br />Having spent nearly a decade working at the senior level for some of the leading<br />organizations globally Andre has developed an extensive network of contacts and<br />relationships that can allow him to effectively deliver on a range of senior mandates<br />for both new and long term clients.<br />Outside of pure retained work, Andre has worked effectively with clients in offering<br />consultation on market conditions, competitor analysis, salary levels and general strategies on securing and retaining senior level candidates. Andre has produced many high level Market Analysis Projects for a number of leading financial services firms<br /> <br />André Nasr<br />p:+971 4 430 9309<br />f: +971 4 955 9037<br />anasr@carmichaelfisher.com<br />www.carmichaelfisher.com<br />
  66. 66. Yasir joined Carmichael Fisher with a five-year track record in executive search in the Middle East. His experience was gained at one of the leading regional executive search boutiques, where he completed numerous financial services assignments. <br />Yasir specializes in placing front office senior executives in Asset Management, Investment Banking & Corporate Finance, Private Equity, Investment Placement, Investment Research, Corporate Banking and Liabilities’ Sales. He has completed large scale projects, placing executives from Vice President through to Director and Managing Director levels. In addition he has also been instrumental in closing a number of high profile strategic positions across various organizations in the GCC at C-Suite level. <br />Yasir started his career in Africa completing an eighteen-month project for one of the well-established education centers in Sudan. He was responsible for the recruitment of high caliber teachers into the institute, raising the programs’ quality and standards to those of international entities.<br />Yasir is an Arabic speaker, raised in Saudi Arabia, and has unequalled understanding of the culture, customs and religions in the MENA region.<br />Academically, Yasir holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from King’s College London, focusing on Psychology, Physiology and Neuroscience.<br /> <br />Yasir Ali<br />p:+971 4 430 9309<br />f: +971 4 430 9311<br />yali@carmichaelfisher.com<br />www.carmichaelfisher.com<br />
  67. 67. Craig Pointon graduated from the UK with a Bachelors degree in International Business before joining a multinational retail business on their executive development program. Craig was promoted to become the youngest general manager in the UK with a weekly turnover of USD 2 million and a headcount of 500.<br /> <br />Due to his extensive industry knowledge, Craig was approached by a leading global recruitment firm in the UK to join their business focusing on senior retail hires into London. Based on his achievements he was tasked with building the retail banking market from scratch which he achieved on a national basis. <br /> <br />In 2005 Craig was headhunted to relocate to Dubai to build the banking team for a generalist firm in the city. He built the Middle East banking division across all asset classes and functions, with a personal focus on Private Banking, moving a number of high profile teams during the banking boom of 2006.<br /> <br />Craig was approached in early 2007 to lead the Carmichael Fisher Executive Search business in the Middle East. He has invested heavily in bringing the very best international search talent to the region to provide Carmichael Fisher’s business partners with a consistent, reliable offering based on understanding and delivery.<br /> <br />Craig Pointon<br />p:+971 4 430 9309<br />f: +971 4 430 9311<br />cpointon@carmichaelfisher.com<br />www.carmichaelfisher.com<br />
  68. 68. “Carmichael Fisher is an extraordinary Executive Search company with the outstanding capability of being able to successfully complete any mandate we’ve given them.  They have an incredibly experienced team of Search Consultants one of which I have worked very closely during the past year It is a contentment to recommend to you my esteemed business partner, Carmichael Fisher in my capacity as Regional HR at SHUAA Capital. Carmichael Fisher have managed our account extremely well and they have proved to have excellent networks and search capabilities at the senior level in the Middle East Region. They are very dedicated and exceptionally skilled in managing their clients and candidates through the various processes.”<br /> <br />Zeina Kanan, Regional HR, SHUAA Capital PSC<br />
  69. 69. “I have worked with Andre Nasr on several retained mandates in which we were looking for senior individuals with very specific skill-set in the field of Operations and IT and these individuals were not easily identifiable in the market.  I have always been impressed by Andre’s professionalism, his energy level and his capability to find a choice of relevant candidates in terms of technical skill-set and most importantly in terms of attitude/personality which would fit perfectly within my organization. “ <br /> <br />Thierry Bardury, COO, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank<br />
  70. 70. “When I came back to Dubai to work this year I met with a number of other search firms regarding the 30 positions I had to recruit.  Carmichael Fisher was the only retainer based search firm I met; the others were contingency; they were focused solely on “getting the order and filling the order” as quickly as possible; they did not conduct reference checks; they in fact for the most part, did not even meet in person with the candidates and they did not conduct a search; they merely took resumes from their database and sent them via email to me.”<br />“Carmichael Fisher did an outstanding search for our legal counsel and completed the assignment within six weeks.  The second search was for our Credit Risk Officer; a difficult search as we had a very particular person in mind but didn’t know where he was or even if was working.  Our consultant was able to locate the gentleman and presented us with two other equally as qualified candidates as well; again in record time. Our next two searches were for Vice President, Operations.  Again we were quite particular; we wanted at least one woman; and we wanted a national; these people had to have in-depth credit card/call centre operations experience and if they had worked for GE Capital, all the <br />better.  Again Carmichael Fisher found some excellent candidates; and we hired an ex-GE capital employee (a woman) and a wonderful national man, with an excellent background in call centre operations.  <br /> <br />In all instances; one as a candidate myself, and three times as a client, Carmichael Fisher has <br />proven to be one of the best firms I’ve used; and in my previous jobs I have worked with Spencer Stuart, Korn Ferry, Caldwell Partners, and other large firms,  so I believe I’m qualified to make this statement.” <br /> <br />Jacueline Hammond – HRD Dubai First International, <br />A Dubai Holdings company.<br />Zeina Kanan, Regional HR, SHUAA Capital PSC<br />