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Starting Up by Failing     Startup Pirates @ Lisboa 2012
Photo by Ricardo BernardoHi, I’m Andre.
About meLisbon, Portugal, World.Computer Science Engineer.Co-Founder of Adegga.com and AVIN.Event organizer.Entrepreneur.F...
Online Wine Guide& Selection of Wine Events
Adegga Wine Market:850 People & 300 Wines
The Story ofAdegga.com
The idea.
What I thought consumers wanted.
Top 10 Whites for the SummerWhat consumers really wanted.
Fail #1Didn’t listen to  customers.
What I thought wine producers wanted.
What wine producers really wanted.
Fail #2Selling a productcustomers didn’t want to pay for.
Lots of visibility.
Fail #3Visibility is not    money.
People want wine recommendations.Producers want to promote their wines.         I could make money       promoting & selli...
Flash sales.Adegga Selection!
Fail #4Didn’t do proper   research.
Back to the drawing board.         Listen.        Research.         Discuss.         Travel.         Think.
Taste & Buy: A Wine Market!
Finally. Success #1!
What now?Scale & Internationalize.
What haveI learned:
Keep your vision.
Embrace failure.
Fail fast.
Have passion.
Change the World.
f*****gJUST DO IT.
Off ye go lads!  Twitter: @andrerib
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Photo by Ricardo BernardoHi, I’m Starting Up by Failing

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Photo by Ricardo BernardoHi, I’m Andre.