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Brand systemics m1

This is how we go about creating better performing brand systems. It is how we take brand thinking and turn it into real world practical application and performance for your business

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Brand systemics m1

  1. 1. Brand Systemics Brand Systemics 1
  2. 2. We help strategic thinkers turn their big scary dreams into ingenious ideas that inspire and thrive. These are the ideas that end up changing the world. This is what we do, this is why we exist. Brand Systemics 2
  3. 3. Dream IdeateThrive Human Centred & Inspired Certainty Performance Brand Systemics 3 Our strategic process
  4. 4. We help people dream bigger dreams that are more human inspired, i.e. helping them realise and visualise how their dream can make a difference in the world or in someone’s life. We help people ideate their dreams with greater certainty, focus and clarity. We help people’s dreams and ideas thrive, inspire and become infectious. We help to give their dreams the ability to perform and have impact in the world. Brand Systemics 4 How we help strategic thinkers Dream Ideate Thrive
  5. 5. Product: Theoretical platform: Brand Systemics is a systemic thinking inspired methodology we use to translate brand thinking into practical, real world business systems thinking that can generate consistent growth for a business by ensuring the brand is functioning as a sustainable systemic unit – this ensures viability, efficiency and coherence Design Thinking + Systemic Thinking Brand Systemics 5
  6. 6. Scenario Planning Methodology Ecosystem Insights Methodology Design Thinking Methodology to help us construct human centred brands Narrative, Semiotics, Artefacts and Rituals Methodology Systemic Thinking Methodology to turn brand thinking into a functioning and healthy system Systemic Thinking Methodology that helps us to define and solve complex system problems Out multi tiered strategic methodology that focuses on building memory structure, attachment and long term behaviour change Brand Systemics 6 The products we use to make our process more effective and scientific
  7. 7. Document Road Map This will be of interest to you when… What is this? Why does it exist? What does it do? Why should it matter to you? 1 2 3 4 5 Brand Systemics 7
  8. 8. This will be of interest to you when…1 # Loss of margin and profitability # Loss of marketshare YOY against competitors # Not hitting brand targets or achievement of brand building objectives # Your brand is not functioning optimally, i.e. lack in message consistency, disconnect between brand experience and communication # Loss of brand consideration, attachment and brand salience # Brand is getting lost in marketing clutter # Brand is not performing at point of purchase You need to consider Brand Systemics when you experience and see the following patterns in regards to your brand(s). Brand Systemics 8
  9. 9. The fact is that your brand is a system that operates in a very complex and unforgiving ecosystem. As a result we have developed a brand optimisation methodology we call Brand Systemics – this methodology views your brand as a system that is either performing optimally or non-optimally. If your brand is a system, it means that it needs to operate according to specific rules in order to either increase performance or at least perform at a stable level within the Ecosystem. What is this?2 The modern brand environment is far too complex and competitive to view your brand as mere mask, message or set of artefacts and symbols. Your brand is a system of meaning and value that is comprised out of a whole range of interrelated components and parts that could wreak havoc on your brand performance if not optimally utilised or defined Brand Systemics Brand Systemics 9
  10. 10. The Why of Brand Systemics?3 The modern brand ecosystem is an exceptionally unforgiving place to operate in. Within this ecosystem your brand is assaulted by a multitude of market forces and drivers that it needs to absorb, observe, orientate around and effectively act against or with. Therefore it is becoming essential to view your brand as a system - we define it as a system of meaning & value. This system needs to outperform the other competing or substitute systems that stakeholders can use in place of your brand. The system therefore needs to perform optimally, be structurally sound, be resilient and dynamic in nature, i.e. evolution and innovation ready As a result using systemic thinking and theory of constraints thinking we have developed Brand Systemics. Brand Systemics helps you to define and build a better brand system that can help your business to better perform within its market ecosystem. Brand Systemics 10
  11. 11. Your Brand System Brand Substitutes Audiences/ Stakeholders Society Brand Ecosystem Brand Systemics 11
  12. 12. What does it do?4 If applied correctly, Brand Systemics can help to increase the performance of your brand within its Ecosystem. We start out by understanding the Ecosystem the brand operates within and how your brand is currently performing within that ecosystem. The end result is then to define what the optimal brand system needs to look like in order to effectively compete and thrive within the ecosystem. I.e. what does your brand system need to look like and according to what systemic rules does it need to operate in order to be successful. Brand Systemics 12
  13. 13. 5 The modern brand ecosystem is a scary place the operating within. The Brand construct is quickly becoming one of the biggest business operating investments as well as one of the biggest sources of share equity growth and investor ROI. It is therefore essential to ensure that the way your brand is functioning is optimal, efficient and viable in order for it to grow and thrive. In a market place that is becoming ever increasingly competitive, you need to maximise and optimise every single element of your brand. Why does Brand Systemics matter? Brand Systemics 13
  14. 14. Andre le Roux is a Strategist, Mentor and brand Theorist who has been working in the brand strategy industry for more than 10 years. He is passionate about the science of strategy. He has a B.A. in Industrial Psychology and an Higher Diploma in IMC. Andre likes to think of himself as a systemic brand thinker that is constantly searching for new and more scientific ways to create more powerful and impactful brands that truly will add value to the lives of all stakeholders. Andre Le Roux 072 387 2079 andre@mercuryone.co.za Thys de Beer 082 565 5508 Thys@vegaschool.com Thys de Beer is an admitted advocate (non-practising) the head of brand Strategy at Vega School of Brand Leadership, as well as the head of the Honours in Brand Leadership at Vega Cape Town. He has been in the industry for over 10 years and he has recently completed his Master’s Degree researching the role of design thinking in brand strategy. Thys is an intellectual that is looking to change people’s perceptions about the power of the brand. “I am an Alchemist; I love the power of collaboration and discovering insights that help to build authentic brands” “I am a thinker and explorer and I love to find new ways of building better brands through using systemic thinking.” Brand Systemics 14
  15. 15. Brand Systemics Please Note that all information contained in this presentation is proprietary and remains the property of the owners [Andre le Roux and Thys de Beer] – all rights reserved. Information can only be shared if written consent is given by owners 15