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Smart social networking for graduate students

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Social media presentation delivered to graduate students and graduate studies staff at Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T), Rolla, Mo., on Oct. 23, 2013.

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  • Hi Sir, Andrew!

    This is Epiphany M. Po, a communication student from Mindanao University of Science and Technology. I saw your downloaded presentations regarding Social Medias in Slideshare.com. And I was thinking that you might have some ideas regarding the Theoy of Media Dependency of Sandra Ball-Rokeach beacuse I was tasked to discuss about this certain theory but unfortunately, I can't barely understand this theory that assigned to me. I am wishing and hoping for you to help me in giving some of your viewpoint and insights to understand more about the theory of Media Dependency. Hoping for your immediate response! Thank you.

    Sincerely yours,
    Epiphany M. Po
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  • Sir Andrew:

    I can't reach you through your Facebook and Gmail accounts. Epiphanypo@gmail.com that is my gmail sir, and my facebook account is Epiphanypo01@yahoo.com.. I really need your help in giving some of your overview regarding the theory.. Thank you very much. I am hoping for your response.

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  • Awesome presentation, I absolutely loved it! Great advice & well structured slides. I especially loved the donut slide at the beginning of the presentation. Fun fact: I'm from St. Louis, MO! Yay MO!
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Smart social networking for graduate students

  1. Smart social networking for graduate students Presented by: Andrew Careaga Director of Communications @MissouriSandT Oct. 23, 2013 #SmartSocialGrad Photo: Jason A. Howie, “Social Media Apps,” on Flickr
  2. www.slideshare.net/andrewcareaga
  3. A bit about me Director of Communications since 2004 At S&T since 1991 Journalism background Co-manage university’s social media presence • Twitter & Facebook <- mainly • YouTube, Flickr, blogs Blogger (Higher Ed Marketing – andrewcareaga.wordpress.com) Twitter fanatic (@andrewcareaga) Tweeting about: #highered #music #stlcards
  4. TODAY’S AGENDA: 1. The social media landscape 2. How social media can help you 3. How to practice smart social Live-tweeting? Use this hashtag: #SmartSocialGrad
  5. POP QUIZ What is your Digital IQ?
  6. “Social Media Explained,” by ChrisL_AK (Flickr); “Kettle Glazed Doughnuts,” by cellar_door_films (Flickr)
  7. A social media minute
  8. Source: Tunheim, March 2012)
  9. How grad students use social media % of grad students 0 10 20 30 40 Connect with other students with academic interests 39 Pose a question to peers 34 Share research information Use research recommended by peers 8 1 Source: ProQuest, “Undergraduate and Graduate Use of Social Media www.slideshare.net/proquest/undergraduate-and-graduate-student-use-of-social-media-whitepaper 50
  10. Source: Tribe HR/ TheUndercoverRecruiter. com
  11. How recruiters use social media % of recruiters who… 0 20 40 60 80 use/plan to use social networks for recruiting 92 are likely to look at social profiles have hired a candidate introduced via social media 100 86 73 Source: Tribe HR/TheUndercoverRecruiter.com
  12. HubSpot, 101 Awesome Marketing Quotes (www.hubspot.com/101-marketing-quotes/)
  13. For example:
  14. New opportunities for grad students • • • • • Professional networking, collaboration A support network Access info and research material Keep up with news relating to a field Build your online presence (“digital footprint”)
  15. Source: Tribe HR/ TheUndercoverRecruiter. com
  16. Networking, collaboration, support Connect with peers in your field Requires engagement How to get involved: • RTs (retweets) • @mentions • Hashtags # • Conversations • Twitter lists • Twitter chats
  17. #gradchat #jobhuntchat #medschool #mbachat #phdchat #pubhealth #highered #stemcareers #smallbizchat #edchat
  18. Relevant chat hashtags
  19. #gradstudentproblems
  20. Getting started: Who to follow? At Missouri S&T: • @MissouriSandT (of course!) • @SandTGradStudy (naturally!) • @SandTChancellor (best #highered leader on Twitter!) Elsewhere: • • • • • • • @chronicle @InsideHigherEd @TimesHigherEd @gradhacker @thesiswhisperer @researchwhisper @researchremix
  21. LinkedIn: Professional connections Photo: “LinkedIn Contacts,” Brett Farmiloe, Flickr
  22. 10 tips for LinkedIn success 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Write your own headline Choose the right photo Use keywords Include relevant work experience Complete the summary
  23. 10 tips for LinkedIn success 6. Highlight publications, certifications 7. Get recommendations/endorsements 8. Claim your vanity URL 9. Adjust your public profile settings 10. Keep your profile up to date Via Maebellyne Ventura, “Set up a Killer LinkedIn Profile,” Aug. 6, 2013 (maebellyneventura.com/social-media-rules/setting-up-a-graduate-linked-in-profile/)
  24. The blogosphere • Because sometimes140 characters just isn’t enough • Build your network • Discuss/conduct your research • “Publish” • Integrate with other social media Photo: “blogosphere1,” by DaveBleasedale on Flickr
  25. Practice smart social Photo: “Best Group Costume Halloween 2009,” by nicadlr (Flickr)
  26. Don’t be this guy
  27. Or this guy
  28. IMPACT Source: Alan Stark, Flickr
  29. I M P A C T Identity Mom Rule Positivity Add Value Career Think Adapted from Fieldhouse Media
  30. House rule No. 1 Don’t be evil Photo: “Devil,” by elycefeliz on Flickr
  31. House rule No. 2 Don’t be dumb Photo: “Jester,” by Susan Averello on Flickr
  32. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas; what happens on Twitter stay on Google forever!” Jure Klepic Social media guy Image: “Google Logo,” by SEO on Flickr
  33. Missouri S&T’s social media guidelines: rol.la/smartsoc
  34. Thanks!