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170211 design fiction_0

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170211 design fiction_0

  1. 1. DESIGN FICTIONa tool for exploring the future
  2. 2. “A kind of halfway between fact and fiction (...) tellingstories that appear real and legible (...) Offering some sort of reflection on how things are, and how they might become something else.” – JULIAN BLEEKER - near future laboratory
  3. 3. DESIGN FICTIONS• A way of exploring alternative approaches to making things• A way of raising questions, provocations, innovating • A way of exploring new kinds of social interactions
  4. 4. DESIGN FICTION OBJECTS the icon• Things or icon from an imagined reality• Things which help us imagine other worlds or experiences• Things around which discussions happen
  5. 5. CRITICAL DESIGN TRADITONAL PROCESS PROCESS Science RESEARCH Techno Cultural INFLUENCE Cultural Cultural Design Discover INNOVATION DISCUSSION SPECULATIVES POSSIBLE experience experiences applications Discover Economy PREFERABLE SELLABLE applications prod. Inform Market CONSUMED CONSUMED©STUDIO GOOD ONE! 2011 services goods
  7. 7. SHOCKING 2010ANDREW FRIEND & SITRAKA RAKOTONIAINACollaboration with Nottingham UniversityDr. Yanqiu Zhu and Dr. Arthur JonesCommissioned for the IMPACT! exhibitionby the Engineering and Physical Science Research Councilin association with NESTA
  8. 8. NEPTUNE 2009ANDREW FRIEND & SITRAKA RAKOTONIAINACritical design scenarios and publicationExhibited at Microsoft Reasearch Lab.Cambridge, UK
  9. 9. FANTASTIC 2010ANDREW FRIENDDesign Fiction, narratives devices and drawingsSelected exhibitions :WHAT IF, Welcome Trust, London, UKMADE UP, Design fictions, Los Angeles, USA
  10. 10. CULTURAL EXPERIENCE“Speculative design could be a valuable addition to public  debate about the social, cultural and ethical impact on everyday life of emerging and future technologies.”  – DUNNE & RABY
  11. 11. CHALLENGING CULTURAL EXPERIENCE• The way we relate to our environment• The way our everyday is mediated • The way we filter and control our experience of our surroundings• The way we create our future 
  12. 12. HUMAN ENHANCEMENTa vehicle for debate surrounding  cultural experience
  13. 13. SWIMMING IN THIN AIR physical experience• Does bodily experience offer an escape otherwise impossible?• Through artefact and action can you create a sudo reality?
  14. 14. BECOMING INVISIBLE mental experience• Does awareness of self define a preferable experience?• If you free yourself from your physical and digital ties   would you experience the ultimate freedom?
  15. 15. LIVING FOREVER future experience• How can we adress and associate with the future?• Can we control, anticipate, or even design our future?• Can we judge preferable futures?
  16. 16. MANIFESTATION iconography to engage and engender discussion and debate –Design fiction objects, narratives, interaction and media.
  17. 17. STRATEGY• Exhibition, talks, festival, conferences• Publication (print and on-line)• Consultancy for informed future services 
  18. 18. Input research areas/ future ambitions Sparking discussion Client Client debates/ A B new & fresh perspectives PLATFORM Scenario Scenario A C Speculative  Scenario narratives/ethic B scenarios/ iconic imagery©STUDIO GOOD ONE! 2011