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For PDF go here: http://www.inkblurt.com/2008/04/15/linkosophy/
Please view full screen to be able to see notes! This was the closing "Plenary" for IA Summit 2008. Hope it starts some new, even better conversations.


  1. LINKOSOPHY 1 Andrew Hinton / April 2008 / www.inkblurt.com EXPLANATIONS FOR SLIDESHARE: 1. This was presented at the IA Summit in 2008 on April 14 in Miami. 2. About 30% is based on previous presentations (by request of summit planners) but the rest is new. 3. I uploaded this as a pdf showing both the notes and the slides; I have no idea how well SlideShare will convert the pdf. 4. In order to read it properly, youʼll need to view it ʻfull screenʼ since the slides are nearly useless without the notes. 5. The “>>” marks are prompts for builds that the PDF obviously doesnʼt show; please ignore the time prompts as well. 6. Feel free to quote it or use slides from it, as long as you credit “Andrew Hinton at inkblurt.com” ------ Thanks for sticking around today. The title, Linkosophy, is a homely word ... and itʼs admittedly a little tongue-in-cheek, but ho