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Competitive Intelligence by Andy Beal | PubCon 2009

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I tend to put the bare details on my actual slides, but you can also see a complete write-up here: http://gri.ms/BDJB and here: http://gri.ms/BDJC

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Competitive Intelligence by Andy Beal | PubCon 2009

  1. 1. ANDY BEAL PUBCON Competitive Intelligence
  2. 2. Our Spy  10+ years in the field  Hand-to-hand reputation management skills  Inventor of Trackur.com  Co-conspirator of Radically Transparent  Cover: Editor of Marketing Pilgrim
  3. 3. News What: Company name, CEO, Products, Locations, Why: New products New features Media placements Sympathetic bloggers
  4. 4. Rants What: Sucks, defective, crap, poor, dirty, expensive... Why: Poach their clients Promote your alternative Improve your products
  5. 5. mpl oyees E What: Their blogs, social profiles, photos, videos... Why: Loose lips sink...brands Egos ergo bragging Damaging evidence Potential hires
  6. 6. J obs What: Their job listings Why: Products in development New locations Lost employees
  7. 7. Go ogle How: Google.com/alerts Email or RSS As-it-happens! Google Sidewiki Local listings
  8. 8. Tw eets How: Follow employees Follow company profile Search.Twitter.com Private Twitter Lists
  9. 9. book Face How: Read their Fan page! Who are their fans? Search Posts by Everyone
  10. 10. URLs How: DomainTools.com /Registrant-Alert/ /Mark-Alert/
  11. 11. Oo dle How: Oodle.com/job/ Company name Location Skills/position
  12. 12. d ance Adv s Tool How: SocialMention.com ¢ Trackur.com $ Radian6.com $$$ VisibleTechnologies.com $$$$
  13. 13. Contact andybeal@gmail.com @andybeal andybeal.com 919.816.2106