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Basic research slides text

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Basic research slides text

  1. 1. Author study •What are the basic biographical details of the writer and how might these details have shaped the text? •What is the context in which this text has been produced and how might this have influenced the writer? (historical, cultural, political) •What else has the author written and where does this text fit within their writing career? •What (if anything) has the author said about the text?
  2. 2. Genre study •What is the genre of the text you are studying? •What features of the text mean that it belongs to that genre? •Does the text reflect features of more than one genre? How? •Why do you think the author elected to write using the conventions of this genre?
  3. 3. Reviews study •What have others written about this text? •Are the reviews generally positive or negative? •Do you agree with the views expressed? Why? •How can these reviews enrich your appreciation of the text?
  4. 4. Character study •Basic description (age, profession, status, persona) •What are the most significant actions and events involving him/her? •What is the character ‘arc’? •What are the relationships with others in the text? •How is the character used to develop themes and ideas central to the text? •What does the writer guide us to think about them & how is this achieved?
  5. 5. Setting study •What is the setting (geographic & temporal)? •How does this setting contrast with others in the text? •How is the setting described? •What tone or atmosphere does it create? •Are certain characters associated with it? To what end? •How does the setting contribute to the key themes and ideas? •What does the writer guide us to think the setting & how is this achieved?
  6. 6. Theme study •What is the theme you are focusing on? •How is this theme addressed in the text? •What are the key events or sections of the text where the theme is explored? •What does the writer guide us to think about the theme & how is this achieved?